A League of Injustice  

Okay, here we go with my ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ review.
I will attempt to write this completely free of spoilers for the film, but I will however discuss the comic books openly.

Let me state briefly that when it comes to comic book based films I am very hard to displease. I enjoyed Elektra, had excitement with X-Men 3, liked ‘Man of Steel’ more than any other Superman rendition, and really dug Ang Lee’s ‘Incredible Hulk’ from back in the early millennium. So you can see how easily I’m pleased with comic book based movies. Now on to this film.

First I must say that as a standalone film, this was poorly executed. It played more like a sequel to ‘Man of Steel’ rather than a standalone character collaboration film. If I may I’m going to write some points for this film in bullet form.

1. Affleck was excellent as Wayne. He really looked like a ‘Dark Knight Returns’ version of Bruce, who also played like a viable animated series come to life version. I was very pleased with his portrayal.

2. It might’ve just been me but Jeremy Irons seemed way to young to be our beloved Alfred in this film. They really should’ve cast him as Alfred in a flashback seen instead. However, his demeanor and mannerisms as Alfred were pretty good though.

3. (Possible spoiler) This film had to contain what I saw as quite possibly the worst depiction of Mr. & Mrs. Wayne’s iconic demise. Just bad all around. Think back to ‘Batman Begins’ and the excellent way that was depicted, then think further back to Burton’s vision of the events and you’ll see much better executions of this very significant moment in the Batman mythos.

4. Mr. Eisenberg did not do Lex Luther any justice whatsoever. I expected him to really bring a fresh new light hearted element to Lex, but not so said the brown turtle.

5. The only Zack Snyder film that I thoroughly enjoyed, was ‘Sucker Punch’ and that’s just because I’m a big Jena Malone fan. This film was shot nicely as far as the standard scenes but the pace just wasn’t pleasing. Too much slow motion to convey emotion (instead of letting the story’s point do that) and too much background music. I think Nolan would’ve made a much better execution of this story.

6. I desperately want to discuss this film’s depiction of their physical confrontation but I’ve kept it virtually spoiler free so far, I’d like to keep it that way. I’ll just say that their confrontation in this film was an insult, an unintentional mockery of their Comic Book battles.

I loved Nolan’s ambiance of Batman, and Goyer’s articulation of his story. I think if Christopher Nolan had continued his ‘Dark Knight’ series with David Goyer , adding in a story arc involving ‘Man of Steel’ they probably would’ve done the entire story a lot more justly.

On a scale of 1, to 10: I give this film a strong 5, and that’s me being generous. Disjointed is a good word to use in describing this film, also excessive. I was thoroughly displeased with this film and its attempt to pit such iconic and beloved characters against one another. I can only pray, hope, and finger-cross this does not happen with ‘Suicide Squad’ later on this year.

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