The Age of Marvelous Cinema

Here is my review for the film ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Firstly, I must say that my anticipation for this film was so thick, you’d think I added an entire box of starch to it.
So going into the theater to finally view it I was excited and hopeful, having never really been let down by Mr. Singer’s contribution to the X-Men filmography. I will give my points in “bullet form”

1. The violence was magnificent, pushing the PG-13 rating to a glimpse of an R rating. This was much appreciated because the comics have always had a degree of maturity in their ambiance. I think back to my favorite volume of ‘X-Men’ comics, Vol. 2 (1990’s) and I remember the Upstarts and the whole sensuality of characters like Kwannon, and I hoped for a more mature presentation of the story in this film.

2. The wardrobe design all except for En Sabah Nur, were all fantastical in design and made for an exceptional translation from the artists’ imagination to costume design. I never imagined Ms. Munn as Kwannon, but she certainly pulled the look off.

3. I would have preferred more development for characters like Ororo, Psyloche, and, Jubilation Lee. These characters really just appeared for visual effect, much like Bishop in ‘Days of Future Past’ It is for this reason I wish a Netflix series were in the works for a Vol.2 based ‘X-Men’ series.

4. As the previous films have included, this installment into the X-Men franchise possessed a strong dramatic element in it’s emotional efforts. One scene in particular involved a lead character and their reaction to the obstruction of solidarity.

Overall I was very pleased with this film, and even though it did not meet my exact expectations, it did satisfy my anticipation.
I give it a personal 9 out of 10

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