Tuesday Affirms Unfathomably Neurotic Theatrics

Since I started watching Impact Wrestling again earlier this year, my Tuesdays are now filled with joy and contentment.

One of my favorite-favorites (who hails from the Northern Realm) began showcasing her skillful talents earlier this year. Transitioning her appeal from a Daemon, to a quasi-sadist with a malevolent tone about her. It was this which brought me back in through the Impact door and now that I’m here watching again, what I’m seeing is not only entertaining me, but also intriguing me.


Everyone at Impact is presenting themselves in a way that individually stands out among themselves. This is a good thing, mainly because it gives the viewers (the perspective from which I speak, or type rather) a plethora of personas to gravitate towards, grow to resent, cringe at, or become envious of. It’s not bland, they’re atmosphere is anything but bland. From the wrestler’s attire, to the lighting  and the color schemes, everyone has something unique, fresh, and new for spectators.


Recently, the company presented a Pay-Per-View event entitled ‘Slammiversary’, a play on words to mingle the term “slam” with “anniversary”. The event played out with such professionalism, given the disconcerting circumstances of the nearby time and location. The matches were exciting, the performances were inspiring, and the level of enthusiasm from the audience only showed televised viewers what it means to be crowd pleasing.


I have become a faithful viewer of this company’s programing. And although it was the presence of one particular athlete who drew me back to it, it is the sheer purity of the entire company’s energy that brought about this literary commendation.


So I congratulate IMPACT Wrestling for being the very first weekly televised wrestling promotion to receive my coveted ‘Gourmet Wrestling’ accolade. Something I reserved for Independent Promotions, calling it “Gourmet” because it’s made with authenticity and organic ingredients.


In my Tuesday nights I obsessively watch wrestling in an unstable manner, and I am thankful to have a weekly opportunity to do so.

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