Refusal To Support Bullies

Please watch this video first:

The Negativity Behind The Film

Linked above is the informative video that shows why I am reluctant to spend money on the new ‘Ghostbusters’ film. As a huge fan of the original franchise (movies, cartoon, games, toys, etc) I was excited to see this reboot.

I was not one of the people who preassumed the film to be to my disliking, without having watched it first. And the original trailer wasn’t bad to me, it looked like your average “run of the mill” trailer.

What changed my mind was the disparaging comments from such assumed professionals as Paul Feig, and Melissa Mcarthy. Both whom surprised me with their sexist statements (McCarthy’s) and asperse remarks (Feig’s) both aimed specifically towards Males who had no desire to view the film.

Neither of them said anything negative about the many females who publicly lambasted the film, and even told viewers to avoid it. McCarthy and Feig said nothing about them.

So because of this targeted negativity towards Males (in particular) I do not wish to spend money and support Feig or Macarthy after they insulting people. As an egalitarian I am equally as oppsed to men being bashed, as I am to women being bashed.

Sexism directed toward Males isn’t excusable just because Females faced it first. So anyone who finds the lambasting of Males to be something humorous, is a hypocrite and a sexist: just as one who finds the lambasting of Females to be humorous would be.

On principle, I will not spend money to watch this film.

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