Another Discouraged Leader

“A child will lead them.”

A report of a specific Child Abuse case.

Those who know me (which should be many, because I put my perspective out there) know a portion of the abuse (physical and sexual) that I suffered during my youth. So it should not come as a shock to see that I am belligerently against abuse of any sort, but especially against children.

Above I have linked a Facebook post of an article that broke my heart. It involves a child who has suffered physically, and ultimately spiritually & psychologically.
To the child who suffered at the hands of her parents, I say this: I’m sorry, little lady. I am so sorry that your introduction to humanity was in the form of two cruel, vile individuals.

You should be in the presence of more humble, more empathetic people. You are new to this world, to this life, and you need to see that there are people out here who do not take pride in being living monsters.

The people who ruin this world are the grown ups. But no one beats them, no one whips, spanks, or scolds them. They are the most undisciplined, unruly, and bratty beings on the planet, yet they cannot be corrected because the first thing they say is “I’m an adult, you can’t tell me what to do”

They hide behind that like the reprobate cowards some of them are. They push you around because they know you can’t push back, or even evade. Children come into this world pure, it’s not until the get negative indulgent influence from the adults around them that they become tainted.

It’s not “the lash” which corrects them, it is the exemplary behavior of a disciplined adult which conditions the child into a productive civilized person. Children are the beginnings of life in this realm. Our first form is that of a babe, and not of an adult.

Our spirit is directly from the source of and shaper of light, which has also created darkness. The wickedness that this child endured was the driving force behind the intent of having her do those strenuous acts, which are even difficult for an adult to do.

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