Selective Justice Waning

Phillip Defranco’s Video on the Controversy

Recently there have been some negative comments made towards one of the stars in the new ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot. Ms. Jones has been the victim of racially disparaging remarks on social media, and has garnered an reprehension to a well known columnist who is accused of instructions gating the verbal attacks.

Mr. Yiannopolous has been banned from a popular social media site after having exchanged a brief verbal interaction with Ms. Jones. Mr. Yiannopolous did not use any racially insensitive language, nor did he cast any severe aspersions on Ms. Jones.
His words were a critique of her mild spelling error in a comment where she attempted to asperse him and his profession. Neither threw any major insults toward each other. This is were their interaction ended.

Afterward, multiple individuals made racist and crude comments to Ms. Jones. This prompted her to comment about leaving and also drew the attention of an authority on this particular site. But here’s something illogical about this situation: Mr. Yiannopolous was banned, but the people who actually made the racist disparaging comments are still active.

1. Why didn’t the authoritarians of the site ban the specific individuals who sent the racist comments to Ms. Jones?

2. Why was Mr. Yiannopolous banned when he didn’t actually violate any community guidelines of the site? He had a brief argument with Ms. Jones, but the people who made racist comments actually bullied her with asperses.

3. Why would the site overlook the hundreds of other reports on Death Threats, Indecent Exposure, and Targeted Harassment to other private citizens, but then immediately take action on behalf of a Public Figure?

Ms. Jones is the direct victim here, she was targeted by numerous attackers who spake words that were a clear violation of community guide lines. And it could’ve ended there, but the site decided to choose a “fall guy” who did not have anything to do with the attacks she received.

To Ms. Jones I say this: You and your work are appreciated by many, and although there are mean-spirited disparagers out there you are very much appreciated and beloved. Some people (Male, and Female) are cruel and they feed on torment. I am so sorry that you had to experience this.

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