Magnetically Impulsive Rush Enthusiasm

Tonight is Thursday, July twenty-eighth. Impact Wrestling airs it’s weekly televised two-hour program, and because of a certain individual(s) I am enthusiastically tuned in to witness her brilliance.

Without spoiling this portion of gourmet wrestling, I will attempt to word the following sentences in an extremely careful manner as I explain why I stopped what I was doing, and began writing this blog entry.

One thing that Professional Wrestlers do (and do quite like no others) is tell stories with their physical bodies. They enter the esoteric named “squared circle” and they proceed to captivate onlookers, with an expression of understandable and often relatable expressions through movement.

This company of Impact (TNA) is no exception, as they also provide the same intrigue with their wrestlers. One of the clear strengths of Impact’s programming is their ability to create these cinematic, out-of-ring moments that not only entertain, but accentuate the stories. Tonight just happened to include that certain afore-mentioned individual.

Never ceasing to amaze and inspire me, her five-minute segment with another pivotal character told enough story to fill a feature-length film. And on top of that, there is more to come next week. Hopefully my wording didn’t give anything away just then.


Well done to her, and well done to everyone who galvanized their efforts to make that happen. This is how you captivate an audience, this is how you rise consistently and sufficiently. I await next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, not only for the entire group’s performances, but also for this one story that has me completely anxious.

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