Angry Babies

Hi everyone, I’ve miss you all.

As I program the move-set for my Beloved Favorite, the Immaculate Daemon, I was quickened to write this blog about confrontational people. To be clear, she is not confrontational, she is actually an inspiration for me. It’s her positive spirit that has helped me cope with a recent incident whereby which I was emasculated by a relative who (along with their mouth their mother) cornered me in my own home, and after a dialysis treatment no-less.

The two relatives were angry towards me because one of them overheard me use an expletive as I ended a phone conversation with a different person. That’s right, this black woman is so entitled and so haughty that she feels she has a right to be offended when overhearing someone say the words ” Ugh! Don’t (expletive) with me (Entitled’s name) ” which were not even spoken to her, but to another person, and over the phone at that.

She immediately called me and told me that she would “I’ll deal with you when I get there!” and then drove with anger and contempt for thirty minutes to my home, confronted me and had her son threaten me with physical violence. Because he felt that his mother was “disrespected” and he felt that interpretation gave him the right to be physically violent towards another person.

This has made me think about how quick many black males are to fight, especially when their maternal parents are loosely involved. In many cases black males are conditioned to view their mothers as special and entitled to exaltation above all other people’s rights, but they are not. Even if she were directly spoken to, she and her son had no right to physically confront or threaten me (or anyone else) over words. This urge to confront people physically as a retaliation to verbal interaction, is immature and dishonorable to say the least.

Say you beat someone up for talking about your mother, what now? You feel like a big man? You feel like you defended your helpless loud-mouthed racist mother? Is your ego pumped now? What does a black WhiteKnight do after such an accomplishment? Instead defending obnoxious, disparaging, arrogant, bigoted behavior in women perhaps we should discourage it.

I have entitled this blog entry as ‘Angry Babies’ because of the childish nature in being quick to fight over words, and being easily offended over speech. There were civil rights activists who bore sheer brutality from bigots, and those activists never lifted a hand in retaliation. They were truly godly and their meekness was more powerful than the militant aggressors.

I am thankful to The Creator, The Infinite Spirit for making me an Indigo. We don’t hurt others, and we don’t have anything to prove to anyone. Some of us may hurt ourselves but we do not cross that line and hurt others.

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