Based on Something Specific

I’d like to address something I’ve noticed before. Some men being afraid to show empathy or sensitivity. This is a stereotype of masculinity that needs to be corrected in society.

Your masculinity is not incompatible with compassion, empathy, sensitivity, or emotion. Think of a Fireman, someone risking their own safety in order to rescue another. That is an extreme act of compassion and empathy, so that example alone should show that empathy and compassion take nothing away from a man’s masculinity.

Women, some of you believe that showing strength, courage, or necessary aggression would be a sign of masculinity. None of those traits should be considered gender-specific. A woman who shows strength shouldn’t be considered masculine, as a man showing sensitivity should not be considered effeminate. I think this maybe some of the negative stereotypes that make people see “non-binary” as a necessity. They are tired of the labeling hey get, just for going against the common perceptions of those traits.

For example: A young woman enjoys video games & sports, she is labeled a “tomboy” but then she also enjoys things like dressing up & shopping. All things that are commonly perceived as feminine-only. Because after all, men hate shopping and dressing dapperly, right? Personally, I don’t want people to feel like they have to deny what they are (Male, or Female) just to keep from feeling like they don’t fit into society. I am often disparaged by certain types of males because I am extremely (Hardcore, ECW extremely) sensitive and emotional.

I’m not the typical aggressive and cynical alpha-male that is commonly perceived in society, nor do I feel a need to be. I don’t think I have to put on a big/bad front just to establish some type of dominance. I’m not insecure in myself, my level of humility, nor my level of integrity. I feel as though I have nothing to prove, except to the three people I adore in this universe. I do my best to be non-violent now, and I don’t feel the need to tell someone that they better not mess with me. I see that as childish, as a frail child trying to make themselves feel adequate against an adversary.

With this awareness of self, I don’t deny my masculinity for a second. I do not consider myself female, simply because I’m not “man enough” according to society’s bewildered & distorted standards. I came out of a man, into a woman, and then out of that woman after nine months. My Creator made both Males, and made Females, and made them equally for the most part.

This is why our strength, compassion, empathy, emotion, intelligence, pain tolerance, and capacity for comprehension is not gender-based. They are based upon the individual, their personality, their spirit.

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