Violet Spirits

I don’t care how “creepy” this may sound. After experiencing unrelenting abuse, I have learned to be unapologetically expressive to the people I adore, admire, and are inspired-by. They say life is short but for some who are tormented and suffering, it can be quite tedious.

See the group of elite athletes in this picture? Only one (beloved) is missing, but their spirit is quite visible to the initiated eye. I have had the blessed privilege of interacting with some of them over the past four years. And the sheer pleasure of being entertained and even encouraged by them in some health ways.

At the darkest of time, I would not have gone on had it-not been for discovering them four years ago. They all have my respect, and my gratitude. Many of them have been an inspiration. Some of them have my eternal adoration.

These women are the embodiment of egalitarianism. They consistently disprove the presumption that females are inferior to males, and cannot perform on the same level. Long before it became popular these wrestlers were breaking records and inspiring people, regardless of gender, all across the world and with grace, humility, skill, integrity, and dignity.

These are the elite (with absence of one tripartite vessel) of what I have deemed ‘The Pantheon of Indy Goddesses’ because they exude the truest essence of independence.

Some of these wrestlers already know how purely I adore them, so I won’t gush too much right now but I’ll just say “Bless you all, and thank you from my spirit.” 

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