An Unveiled Portent

I’d like to talk about a very popular television program that is currently airing on the AMC Network. At first I refused to watch this program because I had no general interest in it, and I wasn’t about to watch it just because seemingly “everyone” else was.

But one day, after hearing a friend and fellow self-professed “geek” speak of it, I began viewing the program in hopes of being able to converse with her about it. I’d like to talk about an observation that I’ve noticed in the program.

The program is centered around the ghoulish creatures of folklore known as “Zombies” but are cleverly never referred to as such throughout the program’s dialogue. My observation is that the true “monsters” of this story are not these ghouls, in fact the true monsters, the true terrorizers are the humans.

Watching the show carefully, you will see that the ghouls are acting on impulse and without legitimate coherency. But the humans are capable of decision-making, they chose malevolence out of a hastily concluded idea of survival. They believe that if they do not kill first, or extort basic necessities, they won’t survive.

But this is only true with certain types of people, and those are the truly desperate and feral types. Since the people are consumed with fear, and have no way of knowing rather or not an oncoming stranger is civil or feral, they utilize a subdue-first/ question-later approach. You see this consistently throughout the program’s story.

The humans would get much more done in the way of survival and preservation if they did not forsake their humanity. But I think this program is a strong testament to humanity’s destruction of itself through irrationality, brought on by fear. The fear of extinction. You may have heard it said that “Fear is stronger than love.” but I submit to you, the reader, that fear and love are only as strong as their wielder.

Although I do not personally enjoy the program, it is considered captivating to its audience and I do find it intriguing from an observational standpoint. The program recently aired one of its most reactive episodes which induced quite the shock from its loyal viewers.

An episode featuring a pervasively-disturbing sequence attesting to the level of depravity that humanity could sink to, in that particular setting of insufficiency.

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