The Rising Elite

Although I’ve written about this for a few years already, I’d like to talk about it now. How “women’s wrestling” rekindled my love for professional wrestling. I put quotations on the phrase because I am one who prefers to call it wrestling only. I don’t use the term “diva” either, as wrestler is enough.

These females are equal, some better, and some worse than the male wrestlers. So I don’t use a different term to imply that it’s a different concept. But, I do tend to favor the women more so than the men, but that’s because it has always been my preference to see strong women portrayed. I’ve seen many strong men, so it’s more of a commonality, making strong women more exotic to mainstream.

As a small child I loved wrestling, but I drifted away from it. Ironically during the time a certain video game was released in nineteen-ninety two. I stopped watching, and developed a disdain for it. Keep in mind, I was not aware of independent wrestling at the time. Fast forward about three or four years, and I’m playing a video game entitled ‘WrestleMania’ ironically developed by the same company who made the aforementioned fighting game that accompanied my withdrawal from wrestling.

I became interested and was informed that I could see these characters every Monday night. Flipping through the channels one Monday evening, I came across a blonde-haired woman suplexing a Japanese woman with very tall hair. I became intrigued. For he next six years, I would swear by wrestling but the majority of them would be male. My favorite was The Hitman, whom I saw as “Real” in comparison to the others.

I would faithfully enjoy this thing called wrestling, right up until I began seeing things that I found distasteful and uncomfortable to watch. I sat through necrophilia, sodomy, simulated sexual assault, and even the extraction of a hand from the vaginal cavity of an elderly woman. All of with I personally found to be disgusting, I remained a faithful viewer, ready to defend it at the drop of a hat. But it was the moment I saw The Innovator of Violence eat a handful of his own vomit, that I asked myself: “Why am I watching this?”

Fast forward several years later, and having been away from it but only watching the big pay-per-view matches, I saw a man who captured my attention. He had initials for a first name, and professed himself to be drug free. I began watching again briefly, and was surprised (and relieved in a way) to see a different atmosphere. More focus on wrestling, and less interest in grossing me out. I was pleased, but not as enthusiastic as I once was.
Low and behold, during a very (very) dark time in my life, I went searching for “Chun-Li Cosplays” on YouTube one day. I found a video of 5he character in a wrestling ring, the light ray emerged, and the angelic harmony could be heard. What was this? I had discovered Independent Wrestling.

Watching that Chun-Li match lead me to something called Shine Wrestling, which lead me to something called Shimmer. My life was literally changed, as I now felt even more enthusiastic about professional wrestling than I did years ago. These women were amazing, so athletic, so fast, so skilled, so creative. Their style, their ingenuity, their personas, I was overwhelmed by it all. Three became my favorites in particular. I don’t want to put them on the spot here because two of them are quite scary, and the other is like Sarah Connor.

For almost five years now, I have been watching all of these women whom I’ve dubbed ‘Indy Goddesses’ because they embody the purest sense of independence in their craft. Thanks to these women, my love for this craft of professional wrestling has become absolute. They have shown me an authenticity that up until five years ago, I didn’t know existed. So, I have had the pleasure and privilege of watching independent wrestling (the purest form of wrestling) unfurl and continuously gain recognition.

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