Levy’s Perrier

Some of us who are the most lovable, are hurting the most inside. We are tormented. We are such an unconditional love, we share it with the world but the world can be so apathetic. We get hurt because we share our love, the empathy that the world is afraid to embrace. They spit it back at us, and chew us out and bite our head off.

But please don’t let this discourage you, if you’re a so-called “Empath” please don’t let this world change you. Don’t deny your empathy, as a means of “survival” or self-preservation. Don’t be afraid to be completely selfless. Our ability to bear the pain and hurt from being so affectionate and open, is what separates us from the heartless. It is our true strength.

​Learn to alchemize the pain they willfully induce, and if you say you love them then let that love be stronger than their fear. Let it be unwavering, no matter how much it hurts. Don’t ever let their apathy, which is the start of hatred, don’t ever let it dictate your empathy, which is the start of love.


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