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Dawning: The Age of Shadow

“The most difficult part of talking about her incomparable work is preserving the fourth wall.” – A Guy Named After Fruit

Once again I wish to write about my favorite person, wrestler, and woman, formerly known as Courtney Rush, once known as PJ Tyler. The immaculate goddess, the daemon assassin: Rose Mary.

1. Professionalism: Through the nearly five years that I’ve watched this wrestler she has maintained an unfathomable level of professionalism, even in the face of unmerited lambasting from cowardly brazen disparagers looking to get a rise out of a celebrity.

Her tongue can be laser-sharp when she gets aggravated, and justly so, but she has this humility in the face of such disrespect which is a testament to her maturity and resilience. For those who work with her and those who can genuinely call her “friend” they must consider themselves blessed.

She meticulously preserves her anonymity, stopping intrusive fans dead in their tracks. Even with fans who aren’t prying, she is still vigilant in maintaining her rightful privacy. People ask her about personal business and she isn’t afraid to firmly and diplomatically straighten them out.

2. Creativity: Over the years we’ve seen many personas embodied by the perfect-face & flawless-body of this world class athlete. Starting with the highly underrated and quite under-appreciated PJ Tyler, a rockstar with style and eclecticism to the max. To the beloved revolutionary “Winner-pegger” Courtney Rush, arguably the greatest characterized professional wrestler that’s ever been created. She was limitless, vivacious, charismatic, and the strongest of all the incarnates.

My heart was broken (again) at the proclamation of her being “dead” by the latest persona, RoseMary. Speaking of the devil’s superior, the current and most esoterically sound characterization is known as RoseMary, a clever reference (presumably) to the storied character that bore the seed of Satan.

This new persona which debuted the twenty-sixth of January of two thousand and sixteen on Impact Wrestling, has been extremely propitious and steadily becoming her most recognizable work to date.

3. Adroitness: I could very well write an entire blog about the “cleverity” of this woman. I use the term deft a lot when describing her ideas, not just because that’s my favorite band but because she is the deftest. One of the deft ones if you will (and I have) of her craft. Her reinvention of herself almost seems dangerous. I remember listening to an interview where she mentioned an advantage to starting her career at a later age than commonly seen, siting an already established maturity level as the advantage.

Each character has had such a rich personality that her fans have loved every single one of them. Personally, I will always love Courtney. But PJ was rad’er than people gave her credit for, and Rose Mary’s just way out there. A bit boxed-in as far as her actual wrestling style but very appealing to the masses.

What I meant by “boxed-in” is something I noticed during a match with Toni Storm at WXW in Germany. In the match I noticed Rose Mary pausing to do the intimidation tactics, and then there’s the mist, and then the snarling at the referee: all super cool stuff, but also somewhat limiting.

Think back to Rush, during her matches she didn’t do those things because they weren’t part of that personality, but she did do more classic wrestling. Just to be clear, this isn’t a complaint about Rose Mary but rather an observation.

Think back to ’91 ‘Taker, how he moved slowly and was really never knocked down to the mat, and never showed emotion during. All that was awesome, but it was limited when you compared it to the ’96 version of ‘Taker (my favorite) especially in that great match with BDC Diesel. And then compare those with this recent ‘Taker, he shows a wider range of motion and maneuverability now.

Rose Mary is still in her infancy, the personality still has much time to be fine-tuned, if her creator sees fit to do so. She’s really darn-near perfect as it is, fleshed-out exquisitely in her social media verbiage and promo videos.

4. Gratefulness: Some celebrities, entertainers, popular people will have this air of haughtiness about them, seeing themselves as far above the fans that idolize them. This is not so, when it comes to this individual. She takes the time (and utilizes the integrity) to acknowledge her fans, and express gratitude for their support and advocacy.

Recently I’ve watched the Smash Wrestling event entitled ‘Something Different’ where she wrestled Penelope Ford. After the match, a pint-sized fan sitting in the front row had what was frankly the absolute sweetest moment I’ve ever seen in this sport.

Fan art, graphics designs, music videos, even tweets of praise and exaltation: nothing is missed. She takes time out of her unimaginably busy schedule to show her appreciation for her fans. That’s kind of rare with such a highly demanded talent as she.

With so many people vying for her attention you would think that she would just give up and ignore everyone, but she selflessly takes the time to respond to her fans.

5. Athleticism: Watching her in-ring performances you can’t help but marvel at her abilities. Once proclaiming herself to be “not graceful at all” she has contradicted that self-assessment with nine years of study-worthy matches, irresistible physical appearances, and ingenious promo material.

Her words, her words are on a different level of brilliance. And this’s coming from me, a guy who’s been writing since she would’ve been in college. Inspirational would be an understatement, she is beyond influential. One day, I will cast her in my written films where she will play the starring role.

Follow the leader:
on twitter: @WeAreRosemary
on instagram: @wearerosemary

Perceived Exaltation 

If you frequent social media then you may have seen how some people interact with celebrities. People in the entertainment industry who are famous and popular in the mainstream media. Both male and female celebrities have a wide range of fans: from the causal “Love your work.” types, to the overzealous “Oh my god, you’re my idol!” types. Both can be quite respectable in their interactions and both can make a celebrity’s experience on social media a pleasant and exciting one.

But there is also another spectrum of fandom in society. This one includes fans who’s opinions are more based in their core of heart, be-it admiration or spite. These particular fans, whichever end of the spectrum they’re on, they are either positive or negative purely. From the unconditionally adoring “You’ve inspired me, I’m with you no matter what.” types, to the spitefully aspersing “You suck, and I hope you die.” types.

Both can be quite revealing in their extremes and both can come-off as unexpectedly perturbing, to a degree. But I would say that both are somewhat necessary as the prior example (the adoring type) is the type to stick by you no matter what, and the latter (the disparaging type) keep you cautious and vigilant.

As fans (and admirers) some of us tend to forget that these are still flawed human beings. They have dreams, aspirations, fears, obsessions, habits, beliefs, convictions, phobias (probably not Public Speaking though), and desires. They are educated on somethings, they are uneducated on somethings, they have perspectives and opinions, they make mistakes and sometimes bad choices, they have responsibilities and concerns. They are not perfect (well, one of them is, to me) but their popularity does not make them any-less merited of respect.

Some people get lost in the fantasy of watching this profession, and forget that the individual portraying a character is still a living being and is to be respected as such.

In The Company of Dignity

Recently, professional wrestler & pod-caster supreme, Mr. Colt Cabana released an episode of his podcast ‘Art of Wrestling’ featuring one of my three favorite people & favorite-favorite wrestlers. I finally got to listen to it, and now I’m going to give my invaluable perspective on it.

I’ve been inspired by this individual (his guest) she has been extremely kind to me and forgiven me when I was a different person. After listening to what she has gone through, the trails and adversity she’s had to face and how she has dealt with it all: I now know why The Creator brought her to my attention nearly five years ago. Let’s just say that we have more in common than I thought. She has this humility and integrity that I don’t see so often, she and the other two who I hope will be interviewed by Mr. C. someday.

To face such ignorance from people that don’t even know her, and so much aspersion from people who’ve never even met her, and still maintain this dignity and maturity that she does: is nothing short of inspiring. She doesn’t know it, but she has inspired me to being more mature & less disagreeable. She’s been a real blessing, as the others have but with her there’s this commonality that exists.

Please check out this episode of ‘Art of Wrestling’ so far it is my favorite since Mr. Punk’s first sit-down. Major props to this lady, this wonderful spirit enclosed in an amazing body (hope that didn’t sound creeptacular) and my endless respect.

Art of Wrestling: Episode 338

Blessed Torment

There’s a Fan out there in cyberspace who just loves the people he follows. He spends his free time (often putting others aside to make more) working on gestures to show his adoration. Drawings, edited music videos, entire blog entries, and even craft works like figurines et-cetera.

At first the Fan was acknowledged for his efforts, something he didn’t take for granted as he so wants to express his adoring of the them. Then suddenly, as the Fan began to rush the completion of a music video for them that he’d been working on (on and off) for months, he completed it and shared it to his beloved favorite, but to response.

The fan thought perhaps they were too busy, and needed more time, but time passed and with out response. This reminded the Fan just how world renown his beloved already was, and how easily the notification of his video could easily become lost in a sea of more important notifications of the beloved favorite. So he would send again, and then again, and then again, but nothing. He became confused, and worried.

During this time the Fan would see others sending to his beloved favorite, and quite often they would be acknowledged. The Fan tried to brush this off as coincidence, but the more frequent it became, and the more he noticed that every single attempt he made had failed to be acknowledged, the more hurt he became. He thought: “What did I do?”
Prior to this time he and his favorite had rapport that he cherished, and enjoyed to the fullest. Feeling a kinship in characteristics like their adoration for children, and compassion, and their love for artistry, for instance.

The Fan was quite elated with his beloved favorite, and constantly prayed in thanks for having a cyber-friendship on social media with them. Something he always wanted since watching his beloved favorite perform their respective craft, but was afraid to express verbally after being labeled as “creepy” for doing so to another whom he adored. The Fan already knew that the world wasn’t too keen on empathy, and it saw empathy as weird and strange because everyone was so used to cynicism and apathy. But he was determined to keep that common perception from changing his individual spirit.

The Fan continued to work, often sick and ill from his near-two decades of Glomerulonephritis, tirelessly trying to press through and show his beloved favorite, not just “how much” he adored “them” but how purely he adored his beloved favorite. He wanted to show how he appreciates them, and even though he merely likes other practitioners of their craft he adored three in particular. He continued, but still without avail.

Although it hurt the Fan to feel singled-out for what seemed like neglect, he remained devoted to his beloved favorite often focusing all of his efforts on them. His philosophy was that of integrity, as he thought to do so much or sake of his love and respect for them, rather than for attention and acknowledgments. His beloved favorite would certainly put this philosophy to the test, as soon the weeks turned into months and the fan looked back and saw no responses what so ever, all while continuing to see other receive.

The Fan wanted desperately to please his beloved favorite with his art, or his visionary editing efforts. He even wanted to amuse them with esoterically coded blog writings, but each time no idea rather it was received. 

He began to move into a much needed return to prayer and fasting, using the torment he felt, as fuel to press through the difficulty of pursuing his physical goals. He would speak to his Creator daily, asking for just one sign that his beloved appreciated his work, or even thought him to be swell.

As of this very moment he remains in the most tried of faith, as he waits.

Fanaticism Aspiring Decadence

Some fans only like an individual because they stimulate an angst in them. And some just want attention from an individual who’s more popular than they are. This may be the reason behind some fans who constantly Tweet and Tag popular individuals.

I use the word maybe, because some individuals don’t get to see what is shared with them, so they end up missing it and the fan doesn’t get a reaction, so they send it again.
But then there are the more worrisome Fans who think they are being ignored by said individual, forgetting how cluttered the individual’s Notifications may be. It is important to avoid the sport of Conclusion Jumping. Sometimes we go for the gold.

This is sometimes presumed by Fans because they will see other fans who make multiple tweets daily, receive an acknowledgment of some sort. This can leave the Fan to assume that their share was seen, but not well received.

Then here are those fans who are easily disconcerted and will began disparaging, or heckling, the individual if they are displeased. These are the fans who aren’t truly admiring of the individual, but are instead only amused by a particular aspect of that individual.

Let’s use an example of Gaming: There are Gamers who play multiple types of video games, and then there are people who just play one type of game.

There are Fans who love the individual, even that which they do not know of the individual personally, but then there are some fans who only like the way they look or the persona which they portray. That goes for both Male, and Female fans.

Some guys only watch for the purpose of ogling, and some girls only watch for the purpose of vicariously obsessing over that individual.
Some guys only watch for the purpose of vicariously obsessing over the individual, and some girls only watch for the purpose of ogling the individual. Then some of us just watch it because we love it to life.

This being their choice, it is still a different motive behind their fanaticism and the others who watch with respect, admiration, and reverence. And yes, one type of Fan can be better than another type of fan.

Usually the Fan who truly respects an individual, will not turn on them for any reason. They will not heckle and lambast the individual for making a career change, or some type of persona alteration. Some Fans are more than fanatics, some are also admirers.

Out of the Abundance

I frequent Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. These sites allow individual users to connect and communicate with one another, with such means as Text, Video, and Direct Messaging. Most people on these sites tend to use Aliases or nicknames to identify themselves among the public.

This format is often used by celebrities in order to have an open connection with their fans, admirers, and also their critics, and hecklers. I follow the athletes and the musicians whom I consider to be my most favorite and my own personally admired.
I’ve been doing this for about four years, and originally I intended my Twitter page to be dedicated to my Gaming Profile, and only used for Game related topics. But something changed, when I discovered Independent Wrestling.

At the time of this discovery, I had only recently began watching Professional Wrestling again, after a lengthy hiatus brought about by the repulsion of vulgarity and crudeness in the content of a major televised promotion.
What drew me to this fresh and new Indy Circuit, was stumbling across a few young wrestlers who were dressed up as video game characters, two of whom where my favorite Capcom characters. One was The Strongest Woman in the World, one had on Zelda colors, and the other was a Member of S.T.A.R.S. I was intrigued, to say the very least.

After doing some extensive research on them, via Internet search, I began watching their matches and following them on the Social Media sites, consistently gaining interest in their respective craft, and noticing a clear difference in what they were doing, versus what I had seen others do before the hiatus. To shorten this long story, I’ll just say that over the course of a year, I became a die hard Independent Wrestling fan, and an avid admirer of these three women.

Today, I am blessed to have communication with them, and I’ve even gone back to drawing and editing because of them, constantly making stuff to show my adoration for them. I am thankful for these athletes, these people, these professionals. Their kindness, tireless efforts, and empathy to those of us who may be a little different, is truly a testament to their integrity and their humility.

So, which this blog entry I would like to say to them, if they get time to read this (super-duper busy, they are) thank you guys for being you.

Love ya, sincerely “A guy named after fruit.” ^_^

Fame: A Costly Endeavor 

If you are a Fan of a Publicly Celebrated individual, you may have noticed that some celebrities are apprehensive. You may have noticed that rarely do-they respond to approaches on Social Media.

This is because they are approached by dozens, sometimes hundreds of people on a daily basis. Some people are rude, some mean spirited: making them cautious about who they directly respond to.

Imaging being in their position: you are constantly busy, and here comes a nice person Online who makes respectful approaches. To them, this isn’t a problem because they know their intentions, and they know their heart. But you do not. So from your vantage point, as the Celebrity, you still see them as a potential problem.

In this situation, all it takes is a couple misunderstandings, a couple misinterpretations and then you will began viewing that Fan as a nuisance. Unless you stop and take good look at YOUR experiences with them, you might make negative assessments of their character based off-of third party opinions.

But given your level of responsibilities, you may have little to no time for such a careful process. This comes as a great cost to those truly respectful people who call themselves your Fan.

If you’re a Celebrated Entertainer, you may have noticed some fans are quick-to patronize you even acquiesce to your every perspective. However, you may’ve also noticed that once in awhile a fan who’s extremely eager to please, impress, and amuse you.

This is because their are some people who are truly set-apart from the average personalities in society. Some people are outcasted, Sexual Abuse survivors, Terminal Illness survivors, rejected, and presumed guilty: making them extremely fond of those who humor them.

Imagine being in their position: you are constantly giving in more ways than materially, you also give your respect to everyone you meet because you’ve experienced real hatred, and your integrity will never allow yourself to become that type of person.

In this situation, you openly express your admiration, your appreciation, and your respect to a the specific Celebrated entertainer that you felt fond-of, that you felt commonalities-with: only to have it all interpreted as creepy.

This comes as a great cost to you, as you have spent your life having very little of the things that most people take for granted. The truly invaluable things in life, like friendship, peace, and respect.