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Perceived Exaltation 

If you frequent social media then you may have seen how some people interact with celebrities. People in the entertainment industry who are famous and popular in the mainstream media. Both male and female celebrities have a wide range of fans: from the causal “Love your work.” types, to the overzealous “Oh my god, you’re my idol!” types. Both can be quite respectable in their interactions and both can make a celebrity’s experience on social media a pleasant and exciting one.

But there is also another spectrum of fandom in society. This one includes fans who’s opinions are more based in their core of heart, be-it admiration or spite. These particular fans, whichever end of the spectrum they’re on, they are either positive or negative purely. From the unconditionally adoring “You’ve inspired me, I’m with you no matter what.” types, to the spitefully aspersing “You suck, and I hope you die.” types.

Both can be quite revealing in their extremes and both can come-off as unexpectedly perturbing, to a degree. But I would say that both are somewhat necessary as the prior example (the adoring type) is the type to stick by you no matter what, and the latter (the disparaging type) keep you cautious and vigilant.

As fans (and admirers) some of us tend to forget that these are still flawed human beings. They have dreams, aspirations, fears, obsessions, habits, beliefs, convictions, phobias (probably not Public Speaking though), and desires. They are educated on somethings, they are uneducated on somethings, they have perspectives and opinions, they make mistakes and sometimes bad choices, they have responsibilities and concerns. They are not perfect (well, one of them is, to me) but their popularity does not make them any-less merited of respect.

Some people get lost in the fantasy of watching this profession, and forget that the individual portraying a character is still a living being and is to be respected as such.

Paying Attention To Hecklers


After witnessing this several times on social media, I just had to get this off of my mind by writing about it. Above you will see a quick interaction between a celebrity (celebrated individual) and a fan (a person who likes the fantasy of entertainment)

The short debate between the two was the part that perturbed me, as I didn’t see to be necessary. I’m going to list my reason in the bullet point format.

1. The original comment is passionate but also impractical, as labels and classification is a necessity for organization. Plus the comment is illogical, as the term “stereotypes” is not in relation to the terms “labels and classifications”

Stereotypes are more of a presumptive notion towards a person, which is commonly negative.

Classification is an observed recognition of similarities, it’s not inherently negative or presumptuous.

Labels provide a way to organize and inform. Only recently have the digital dictionaries included the regressive definition of the term being “restrictive or inaccurate” which is also an example of a The Mandela Effect.

2. The person who pointed out the obvious contradiction of the original tweet was met with an insulting and judgmental response. The person (an assumed fan) was called “simple minded” by the celebrity. Just like in school the popular kids felt very validated when they put someone down in front of others.

I say, why? You already live your dream, and have the popularity and the money, so why do you feel the need to put down some one who likes you and follows you just because they saw the hypocrisy in what you said?

3. I’ve always wondered why some of these celebrities, who get many affirming tweets from fans that adore them, will only take time to acknowledge the people who disagree with them, or the people who disparage and lambast them. Then turn around and ignore the people who adore them.
Here is wisdom: The hecklers, and the admirers are driven by the same desire to get attention from you. It’s just that one wants to encourage and please, whereas the other want to agitate and offend you. 

So why lend your attention to the negative people (Hecklers) but ignore the positive (Adorers)

Picking Up The Phone

The official trailer for ‘Ghostbusters’ 2016
As a life long Ghostbusters fan (and knowing the film by heart) I have been waiting to see a third installment in the franchise since the early 90’s. At the release of the video game I read articles mentioning a script was in the works.

One night Laying in a hospital bed I had a very vivid dream about a ghostbusters film that I’d not seen before. It was legitimately frightening but not gratuitous in the gore, just scary. In the dream I remember a scene of Ray, talking to Peter in the driveway of a suburban home.

Now, I am not a feminist. I profess Egalitarianism, as it is for equality in society. So when I heard a rumor that there was an all-female cast slated for an upcoming ghostbusters film, I was excited to hear a film was in progression, but disappointed that it wouldn’t star the original cast.

This was before Mr. Ramis’s transition into the unseen spiritual realm. I also saw an excessive and unsettling amount of disgust for the cast.

I’m unfamiliar with each of the actresses chosen for the film, but I recognize each of them for various works in the M.E.D.I.A (Manipulative Esoteric Disassociation Influencing Audiences) but I didn’t know their names. So fast forwarding to today, I watched a newly released Trailer for the upcoming film. And I liked it.

The apparitions’ visual effects were good enough (could’ve been a little more textured on the skin) but very good. Each of the actresses gave me the feel of scientists going Ghost-Hunting. The proton packs looked pretty cool, and I think I saw Slimer! As long as Slimer’s there, I’m cool.

I’m actually looking forward to this, I just hope it’s not ruined by pushing a feminist-agenda. Let the female characters present themselves as characters and interact with the story. It’s not necessary try and shove the idea that “Women are this! And Men are that!”

it saddens me to see that ao many people are lambasting the film (obviously they have ESP) without having seen the film.

Fame: A Costly Endeavor 

If you are a Fan of a Publicly Celebrated individual, you may have noticed that some celebrities are apprehensive. You may have noticed that rarely do-they respond to approaches on Social Media.

This is because they are approached by dozens, sometimes hundreds of people on a daily basis. Some people are rude, some mean spirited: making them cautious about who they directly respond to.

Imaging being in their position: you are constantly busy, and here comes a nice person Online who makes respectful approaches. To them, this isn’t a problem because they know their intentions, and they know their heart. But you do not. So from your vantage point, as the Celebrity, you still see them as a potential problem.

In this situation, all it takes is a couple misunderstandings, a couple misinterpretations and then you will began viewing that Fan as a nuisance. Unless you stop and take good look at YOUR experiences with them, you might make negative assessments of their character based off-of third party opinions.

But given your level of responsibilities, you may have little to no time for such a careful process. This comes as a great cost to those truly respectful people who call themselves your Fan.

If you’re a Celebrated Entertainer, you may have noticed some fans are quick-to patronize you even acquiesce to your every perspective. However, you may’ve also noticed that once in awhile a fan who’s extremely eager to please, impress, and amuse you.

This is because their are some people who are truly set-apart from the average personalities in society. Some people are outcasted, Sexual Abuse survivors, Terminal Illness survivors, rejected, and presumed guilty: making them extremely fond of those who humor them.

Imagine being in their position: you are constantly giving in more ways than materially, you also give your respect to everyone you meet because you’ve experienced real hatred, and your integrity will never allow yourself to become that type of person.

In this situation, you openly express your admiration, your appreciation, and your respect to a the specific Celebrated entertainer that you felt fond-of, that you felt commonalities-with: only to have it all interpreted as creepy.

This comes as a great cost to you, as you have spent your life having very little of the things that most people take for granted. The truly invaluable things in life, like friendship, peace, and respect.

Observative Reverance

As an admirer, respecter, advocate, and fan of Professional Wrestling I have had the blessed privilege of being Followed by my favorites on Social Media.

All of which who happen to be women, so I have been able to observe some of their interactions with other fans. Sometimes some of those so called fans seem to be less respectful, less admiring, and more obscure than I.

I love these people, and I deemed them my favorites specifically after interacting with them and getting to know them, to a degree as they express the portions of their personalities that they desire to be made known. I became quite fond of them and gained more respect, reverence, and admiration over time.

But as a student of human nature I could not resist the studying of their interactions with other fans. My findings where intriguing, interesting, disgusting, and sometimes confusing. For the sake of literary continuity I would like to list some of those observations now, in bullet form:

1. Some guys will constantly tell them how attractive they are.

2. There is a shortage of female fans frequenting their respective Pages.

3. One of my favorites is constantly having to defend herself although she’s a sweetheart.

4. These women are acutely intelligent, yet they’re spoken to in the most rudimentary manner.

5. All of these women are freakishly beautiful, that goes without saying. But if these girls were cats they’d have a phone bill high enough to break the national debt.

6. I seem to be the only one willing to respectfully disagree when necessary. I constantly see fans acquiesce to their every whim.

Although I treat these women as mature intelligent beings who are quite capable of conversing without confrontation, some fans seem to be afraid to do anything other than patronize them.

The stereotype in society is that all women want that, but that is not true. As a person who was raised by women, nurtured by a woman, abused by a different woman, taught by a woman, inspired by a woman, manipulated by a woman, and betrayed by a woman I can tell you that all of them do not inhabit those stereotypes.

I enjoy the interaction I have with these women, and I greatly fear the day when they become too big, too famous to interact with me. When people become celebrities they lose connection with people as a whole.
Unless it’s their personal family and friends, that of which I would love to be to these people, the reality is I am not. So I continue to be different, unique, and hopefully not annoying.