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Paying Attention To Hecklers


After witnessing this several times on social media, I just had to get this off of my mind by writing about it. Above you will see a quick interaction between a celebrity (celebrated individual) and a fan (a person who likes the fantasy of entertainment)

The short debate between the two was the part that perturbed me, as I didn’t see to be necessary. I’m going to list my reason in the bullet point format.

1. The original comment is passionate but also impractical, as labels and classification is a necessity for organization. Plus the comment is illogical, as the term “stereotypes” is not in relation to the terms “labels and classifications”

Stereotypes are more of a presumptive notion towards a person, which is commonly negative.

Classification is an observed recognition of similarities, it’s not inherently negative or presumptuous.

Labels provide a way to organize and inform. Only recently have the digital dictionaries included the regressive definition of the term being “restrictive or inaccurate” which is also an example of a The Mandela Effect.

2. The person who pointed out the obvious contradiction of the original tweet was met with an insulting and judgmental response. The person (an assumed fan) was called “simple minded” by the celebrity. Just like in school the popular kids felt very validated when they put someone down in front of others.

I say, why? You already live your dream, and have the popularity and the money, so why do you feel the need to put down some one who likes you and follows you just because they saw the hypocrisy in what you said?

3. I’ve always wondered why some of these celebrities, who get many affirming tweets from fans that adore them, will only take time to acknowledge the people who disagree with them, or the people who disparage and lambast them. Then turn around and ignore the people who adore them.
Here is wisdom: The hecklers, and the admirers are driven by the same desire to get attention from you. It’s just that one wants to encourage and please, whereas the other want to agitate and offend you. 

So why lend your attention to the negative people (Hecklers) but ignore the positive (Adorers)

Refusal To Support Bullies

Please watch this video first:

The Negativity Behind The Film

Linked above is the informative video that shows why I am reluctant to spend money on the new ‘Ghostbusters’ film. As a huge fan of the original franchise (movies, cartoon, games, toys, etc) I was excited to see this reboot.

I was not one of the people who preassumed the film to be to my disliking, without having watched it first. And the original trailer wasn’t bad to me, it looked like your average “run of the mill” trailer.

What changed my mind was the disparaging comments from such assumed professionals as Paul Feig, and Melissa Mcarthy. Both whom surprised me with their sexist statements (McCarthy’s) and asperse remarks (Feig’s) both aimed specifically towards Males who had no desire to view the film.

Neither of them said anything negative about the many females who publicly lambasted the film, and even told viewers to avoid it. McCarthy and Feig said nothing about them.

So because of this targeted negativity towards Males (in particular) I do not wish to spend money and support Feig or Macarthy after they insulting people. As an egalitarian I am equally as oppsed to men being bashed, as I am to women being bashed.

Sexism directed toward Males isn’t excusable just because Females faced it first. So anyone who finds the lambasting of Males to be something humorous, is a hypocrite and a sexist: just as one who finds the lambasting of Females to be humorous would be.

On principle, I will not spend money to watch this film.

As We Forgive Those

Today I saw a Meme, and it immediately inspired me to write this. Someone I adore, and wish I had as a friend once said “I’m all but ashamed of my faith.”

I couldn’t agree with her more. So although I do not feel shame after reading this Meme, I do feel the need to speak (type) on it.


Here are just some of the problems with this Meme.

1. The Christian doctrine teaches that “God” forgives us for our sin, even those which are natural (like lust, and anger) and he also forgives us for being inquisitive enough to question what Man (the author of religion) has told us. 

So if “God” condemned them for having an interest in sex, and for not subscribing to a particular religious denomination, then said condemnation would go against the very teachings of that God’s sun: specifically the part which says “no condemnation”

2. The person who wrote the caption in this Meme (and those who agree with it) did not personally know Mr. Nelson, nor Mr. Jackson, and therefore all of their claims are mere speculation.

As a result of being completely ignorant of these gentlemen personally, they also don’t know what is in the hearts of each individual. Something that many believers use to justify their willful disobedience of their God’s laws.

So, if those disobedient Christians are safe from damnation because of “grace and mercy” then why aren’t these two men? It is as if your sin isn’t considered as damning as theirs.
Which reminds me of the quote “Sin, is sin.” as to say that it is all considered of the same level of severity. Which is odd because logically a torturer should be considered more harmful than a person who believed in a different religion.

3. Anyone who condemns these men (by making, posting, or agreeing with a Meme like this) in their heart has already condemned their fellow Man. And has failed to forgive others, as God has forgiven them.

So, by all definitions you would be a hypocrite and a condemning person who failed to show the same mercy and forgiveness that you say is shown to you. If you’re not perfect, then why were either of those two supposed to be?

The Clarity of Transposition

Here’s an alternate perspective: This little boy expresses interest in living as a Girl. He’s Male, but expresses an interest in living effeminately, so many people say “let’s encourage it”

But let’s look at it from a different angle: is it healthy for them to discourage him from being who he really is?
If a Male says “I want to be Female! I feel like I’m really Female.” Why wouldn’t we encourage Hume to be proud of what he is?

In my Generation, Millennials, we were constantly told to “be yourself, without shame” and were often discouraged from trying to be something different.

But now, we’re telling people that being something that we are not is okay because it’s what we want.

Then we turn around and lambast Rachel Dolezal for wanting to be something she is not. Isn’t that hypocrisy? How do we decide what “transitioning” to encourage, and what to discourage?

A fair question was raised, how can people support Bruce Jenner’s transitional efforts, but then cast aspersions on Rachel Dolezal for her efforts in Cultural & Racial transitioning? Does she not have the same right to self contentment as Mr. Jenner?

Double Standards DiseaseĀ 

If I had a Transcript of Black Comedians, Black Rappers, & the average Black loiterer on any given Corner Store in this country: it would list that term being used 1,000 times more often than Mr. Bollea has ever even thought of using it.

It would be hypocritical for me to condemn Hulk Hogan for using that term, when so many Blacks use it.

And as for that “term of endearment” lie, let’s set that record straight: The term was created out of resentment, bigotry, prejudice, & mockery. To call yourself “reclaiming” it would be ignorant at best. Why would any self-respecting Black man, woman, or child wish to claim such a vile epithet? 

There are words within the bastardized English language that are more suitable to describe your beloved ones. 

You can drink Bleach from a bottle, or a Champagne glass: it has the same affect rather you recognize it or not. You are putting yourself down when you use it. Read the book ‘The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’ by John Coleman to do some research on why many Blacks are willfully degredating Themselves. 

TransEthniPhobia: A Lesson for Rachel Dolezal

I’m going to weigh in on this Rachel Dolezal debacle. First, I’d like to write about the hypocrisy of black women toward Rachel, and how those same black women wear weave, contacts, & wigs in order to lie about their own physical appearance. Trying to straighten your hair like Caucasians will not garner you the same comfort among employers.

One woman demanded an apology, but what makes her think that Rachel owes her such a gesture? She (Rachel) did nothing to her or any of the other black women, by essentially dressing in Blackface.

How many white women do you offend by walking around calling yourself a “a Queen & a goddess”? How many do you offend with your Blue Contacts & Blonde Hair extensions? Are you “pretending” to be something that you’re not? Are you jealous? Do you have anything to be jealous of? If not, then what do you care what this woman has done?

Having said that, let me now address Ms. Dolezal: Ma’am, you do not need to pretend to be something you’re not. My two favorite singers have written lyrics that I’ve lived by:
“I think being a person relies on one thing: be yourself, let you come through” – Jonathan Davis, Korn
“Transpose, or stop your live”
– Chino Moreno, Deftones

I don’t know what your intentions were, and I do not see your actions as offensive. You should not have stepped-down rom your earned position, unless you assessed an eminent danger. You are the ultimate in Poserdom, and should win an award for your exceptional Poseige & Fakery. But you are no different than the thousands of Black women who go out of their way to be something they’re not.

Most of the time you won’t hear of Blacks owing up to their hypocrisy. They just make excuses as to why it’s not their fault, or it’s not the same thing when they do it.
Take the use of the “N-Word” for example. Bad when Caucasians use it, but magically good when Blacks use it: Double Standards & Hypocrisy.

You owe no he an apology except your Parents and your biological family, as they are the ones whom you have offended. They are the ones whom you have shamed .

If you are of a specific gender & feel as though you are the opposite gender, then Society will accept you & encourage your preference. But if you are of one “race” or ethnicity, & you desire to live & identify as another: then you are shunned by society.
Lesson, learned: Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Gender-Based Privilege

I recently read a statement from a Male Comedian who spoke of Female Comediennes as being the sole recipients of “Sexual Threats” during their respective performances. This appeared to be another exclusive-narrative where “Women are victims & Men don’t know what it feels like”

I wouldn’t doubt that there’ve been some Female Comedians to receive crude, absurd, & crass remarks or “heckles” from specific attention-seeking Male audience members. There are however, many instances of Women speaking absurd, crass, disparaging remarks toward Men can be found frequently throughout Social Media. Which is a much more common occurrence than Comedy venues.

Gender-bias empathy is another common occurrence in Society in general. For example: if a Woman cries (for any reason) people rush to console her, and will confront anyone whom they believe to be responsible for causing her tears.
Yet, if a Man cries (for any reason other than losing a child) he is discouraged from expressing emotion, and is often told to “man-up”. Which implies that Males aren’t allowed to express emotion.

If a Male is accused of Pedophilia, he is presumed guilty by the majority and is often threatened with sexual assault. Yet, if a Woman actually has a sexual acquaintance with one of her Students, no one threatens her with such cruelty. And you rarely find comments wishing harm toward her, on Social Media.
In society, Women have many social privileges. Most of the privileges that are assumed to be awarded to Males are actually Institutional.

Females are often given many advantages, often in the form of sympathy, and empathy.
For example: a young Woman claims to have been assaulted (be it sexual, or non-sexually) is believed immediately by the majority of those made aware. And even if her claims turn out to be false, there are still some who would excuse her. However, if a Male accuses a Female of assault (any) he will have to fight in order to prove his claim.

Another majorly significant privilege that Females have socially, is the freedom of choice in Child Bearing. If a Woman conceives a child with a Man, she may opt-out of that responsibility of raising, or even birthing that child.
And she will be exalted as “exercising her rights”, whereas if a Man where to choose the denial of his responsibilities to that child he would be shunned by others (including the mother) as a “deadbeat dad” or even a “coward”

So the implication is that Women may freely (without Gov intervention) choose rather or not they wish to assume parental responsibility, but Men are obligated (legally) to assume responsibility. This is an example of a Social, Judicial, & Parental privilege for Women.