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As We Forgive Those

Today I saw a Meme, and it immediately inspired me to write this. Someone I adore, and wish I had as a friend once said “I’m all but ashamed of my faith.”

I couldn’t agree with her more. So although I do not feel shame after reading this Meme, I do feel the need to speak (type) on it.


Here are just some of the problems with this Meme.

1. The Christian doctrine teaches that “God” forgives us for our sin, even those which are natural (like lust, and anger) and he also forgives us for being inquisitive enough to question what Man (the author of religion) has told us. 

So if “God” condemned them for having an interest in sex, and for not subscribing to a particular religious denomination, then said condemnation would go against the very teachings of that God’s sun: specifically the part which says “no condemnation”

2. The person who wrote the caption in this Meme (and those who agree with it) did not personally know Mr. Nelson, nor Mr. Jackson, and therefore all of their claims are mere speculation.

As a result of being completely ignorant of these gentlemen personally, they also don’t know what is in the hearts of each individual. Something that many believers use to justify their willful disobedience of their God’s laws.

So, if those disobedient Christians are safe from damnation because of “grace and mercy” then why aren’t these two men? It is as if your sin isn’t considered as damning as theirs.
Which reminds me of the quote “Sin, is sin.” as to say that it is all considered of the same level of severity. Which is odd because logically a torturer should be considered more harmful than a person who believed in a different religion.

3. Anyone who condemns these men (by making, posting, or agreeing with a Meme like this) in their heart has already condemned their fellow Man. And has failed to forgive others, as God has forgiven them.

So, by all definitions you would be a hypocrite and a condemning person who failed to show the same mercy and forgiveness that you say is shown to you. If you’re not perfect, then why were either of those two supposed to be?

Matthew 18:6

This past Sunday morning I sat down to watch a Church service on television. I didn’t watch it to mock the people or to mock their beliefs. I also didn’t sit and view it with a level of narcissistic cynicism, thinking myself to be superior to them because I see the flaw in their logic.

During the service a large choir of children began to perform a Number. The performance was lackluster, and mediocre at best. They looked as though they had not practiced their routines at any point prior. There are secular groups of children younger than that of this particular group, who perform secular routines at secular events with much more enthusiasm and talent.

What saddened me the most, what hurt me the most is that each of these precious children looked like Human Drones, programmed to do what their Handler’s willed. It look like a group of MK Ultra Manchurian Candidates. It broke my heart to see children being used by parents who are delusional. The parents of these children believe that industry indoctrinating them, with the Judaeo Christian specifically, they will not become worldly people.

Personally, I am not worldly. But that’s because I have this desire to be my own person and I loath Bandwagons. Yes, I would want my daughter to feel the same. I would want her to desire to be different from popular trends. Once I see the majority of people doing something, I start to feel a resistance to it. I question everything, and I want to know why, how, and when I get answers I want to know why it’s that answer. 

I hate to see children being forced into anything, even if it’s passive it’s still forceful. The parents of these kids look at them saying “Jesus” (whoever that’s supposed to be) into a microphone and they feel like they’ve instilled some type of humility into that child. Yahshua actually taught humility and love during his time on this earth. Religion and the church is miles away from those teachings.

This is not child abuse as some would say, that is a belittling of the true acts of abuse like hitting and sexually assaulting. I love children and I never forgot what is was like to be a child, in fact I often reminisce about my childhood and the great parts are a blessing. The bad parts, which I won’t go into are not a blessing, but the resulting humility and character that I gained from those bad parts, are.