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As We Forgive Those

Today I saw a Meme, and it immediately inspired me to write this. Someone I adore, and wish I had as a friend once said “I’m all but ashamed of my faith.”

I couldn’t agree with her more. So although I do not feel shame after reading this Meme, I do feel the need to speak (type) on it.


Here are just some of the problems with this Meme.

1. The Christian doctrine teaches that “God” forgives us for our sin, even those which are natural (like lust, and anger) and he also forgives us for being inquisitive enough to question what Man (the author of religion) has told us. 

So if “God” condemned them for having an interest in sex, and for not subscribing to a particular religious denomination, then said condemnation would go against the very teachings of that God’s sun: specifically the part which says “no condemnation”

2. The person who wrote the caption in this Meme (and those who agree with it) did not personally know Mr. Nelson, nor Mr. Jackson, and therefore all of their claims are mere speculation.

As a result of being completely ignorant of these gentlemen personally, they also don’t know what is in the hearts of each individual. Something that many believers use to justify their willful disobedience of their God’s laws.

So, if those disobedient Christians are safe from damnation because of “grace and mercy” then why aren’t these two men? It is as if your sin isn’t considered as damning as theirs.
Which reminds me of the quote “Sin, is sin.” as to say that it is all considered of the same level of severity. Which is odd because logically a torturer should be considered more harmful than a person who believed in a different religion.

3. Anyone who condemns these men (by making, posting, or agreeing with a Meme like this) in their heart has already condemned their fellow Man. And has failed to forgive others, as God has forgiven them.

So, by all definitions you would be a hypocrite and a condemning person who failed to show the same mercy and forgiveness that you say is shown to you. If you’re not perfect, then why were either of those two supposed to be?

A Differentiating Point of View

Hello Ms. Lahren.
       I’m writing this as a response to a video that I saw of you on YouTube, which was a critique of Ms. Knowles recent performance. First I must confess that I am not a listener to Ms. Knowles, nor am I a viewer of you broadcast work. I prefer Deftones, and CounterCurrentNews for those needs.

I have some refutations to some of your claims in the video so here we go:
1. The inspiration for the Original ‘Black Panthers’ was not violence, or even retaliation. It was a necessity for the protection of Blacks. Back then, most Blacks were mostly non violent but we’re still attacked quite often by some Whites. It was very different from today’s time where the majority of Blacks are victims at the hands of other Blacks.

2. The non-violent approach made popular by Dr. King was great, but not always practical in specific cases. For example: A group of racists are about to beat, then rape a young Black man, and a young White woman which actually happened. In that particular situation, a non-violent approach to self defense would be in effective. So there would’ve armed Black Panthers to aid the young couple.

3. Her husbands past: I don’t know if he sold narcotics because I don’t know him, nor do I listen to his music either. But if it is true, then yes that was a contribution to the detriment of his own people (I assume he didn’t sell it in the suburbs) I don’t agree that that was wrong, but I do say that it would be irrelevant to this day because he’s not currently selling any.

4. I would like to know when she actually suggested or implied an opposition to Law Enforcement. Or is her presumed opposition merely an assertion brought on by an ill-informed conclusion? The rap group ‘NWA’ openly disparaged and disregarded Law Enforcement many years ago. That was clear and blatant, with no confusion to intent. There was a film released recently, which I did not desire to view but I’m almost certain that the song was featured in the film.

5. You must not confuse the current ‘New Black Panther’ party with the original. Today’s “new part” is blatantly racist and are very much in open opposition to Caucasians. But you must understand that today’s new black panthers are vastly different than the original Black Panthers.

A Perceptively Distorted Society  

Why do people ignore others whom they previously didn’t ignore? Ignore mean-spirited people is one thing, in fact it is quite an appropriate response. But to ignore people who haven’t disrespected you, who haven’t committed any offenses toward you: is unjust.

Most of my own personal experiences of being abruptly ignored, have come from Females. Coincidently, all of my personal experiences of being told that I was “Offensive” have been from Feminists.

I’ve come to understand that it is not uncommon for some people to take offense when there is none to be given. This comes from the misconception of “Perception is Reality”

“Perception is Reality” is false. The way you personally perceive things may be inaccurate to what the reality of they are. Your personal belief has no bearing on reality, no bearing on truth. This is why I rarely give my personal opinion, instead I give researchable facts.

For example: I once stated that “Joshua Alcorn was a young Male who personally identified himself as Female, and desired to live effeminately.” I never said that this was right or wrong, I never passed judgment on him, or his desire to identify as the opposite sex.

That statement offended many people on Social Media. I was called close-minded, judgmental, transphobic, and hateful.
I lost Facebook friends, had people arguing at me (not with me) all because I stated the facts.

Before stating those words I said that the situation was awful and that I wish the young man had not taken his own life. No offenses were spoken by me, yet many took offense to me referring to the Male as “him, or he”

The reality of that ordeal is that I spoke no ill towards that particular individual, yet others perceived my words to be negative although they were positive. I said that I wish he’d lived to facilitate the change he desired to see in society, he wanted others to accept him living as a female.

Ignoring people seems cowardice. If it’s a person whom you’ve had interaction with, why not just tell them “I do not wish to communicate any further” or “I don’t wanna talk to you”? Why ignore them and leave them thinking “did I do something wrong?” Everything is going well but suddenly the other party is silent.

This goes back to what I was saying about this Generation being Technically advanced, but socially many are recessing (verb)
And I quote: “The more the technology advances, the more communicatively-intertwined they became. Then the more conceded people became”

If you frequently interact Online you may have noticed that most people have become very sensitive. They will Block you for having a different perspective on life than they do. They will Block you for answering a Cynical question which they asked!
An offensive and presumptuous question was asked of me (of which I took offense to) and when I answered the question adding the words “does that count?”

The person who asked took offense, called me a insult, and then Blocked me. We had been communicating cordially for three months: never an argument, never a debate. Coincidently, she was a feminist from out of the country.

I always thought that I was too sensitive, but after interacting on Social Media for a few years I now understand that I am not as sensitive as I thought.

Misinterpreted Perspective

I’ve never been accused of being judgmental before, definitely not in my personal life. So after being described as such, investigation of my own words became a necessity for me. I always want to be Just in my verbiage, I always want to make sure that I’m not misunderstanding the facts of a matter.

I spent several hours sifting through my past Social Media comments, in search of any hateful, vulgar, mean spirited, insulting, disparaging, or judgmental comments.

Low and behold, I have yet to find anything that could be accurately considered any of those things. But I did find a few people who couldn’t comprehend my words and who already had an Argumentative Agenda.

I was specifically directed to one Social Media archive in particular, where by which I posted comments of people attacking me for sharing my perspective on the issue of Homosexual Parents:
I stated that a household of two Same-Sex parents would be a different environment than two Heterosexual Parents.

I didn’t say one would be any better or any worse, I only said it’d be different. I also said that a two parent home would be different than a one parent home, but no one attacked me for that.
The same four people took offense to my comments and sent me several insulting comments, to which I defended myself, as did others who actually understood what I said.

This was a case of misinterpretation and presumption on the part of those who were offended. Because I didn’t say anything offensive.
The archive consisted of several judgmental comments toward me, not the other way around. The comments were based on perception, with presumptions to my intent.

Those who were offended never actually read any negative words, they simply made up negative narratives where there were none.
Society has been manipulated with a false idea of “Perception is reality” but that’s not accurate, reality should determine your perception. Then you will see the truth and recognize facts, instead of “believing” your own imagination.