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In The Company of Dignity

Recently, professional wrestler & pod-caster supreme, Mr. Colt Cabana released an episode of his podcast ‘Art of Wrestling’ featuring one of my three favorite people & favorite-favorite wrestlers. I finally got to listen to it, and now I’m going to give my invaluable perspective on it.

I’ve been inspired by this individual (his guest) she has been extremely kind to me and forgiven me when I was a different person. After listening to what she has gone through, the trails and adversity she’s had to face and how she has dealt with it all: I now know why The Creator brought her to my attention nearly five years ago. Let’s just say that we have more in common than I thought. She has this humility and integrity that I don’t see so often, she and the other two who I hope will be interviewed by Mr. C. someday.

To face such ignorance from people that don’t even know her, and so much aspersion from people who’ve never even met her, and still maintain this dignity and maturity that she does: is nothing short of inspiring. She doesn’t know it, but she has inspired me to being more mature & less disagreeable. She’s been a real blessing, as the others have but with her there’s this commonality that exists.

Please check out this episode of ‘Art of Wrestling’ so far it is my favorite since Mr. Punk’s first sit-down. Major props to this lady, this wonderful spirit enclosed in an amazing body (hope that didn’t sound creeptacular) and my endless respect.

Art of Wrestling: Episode 338

Paying Attention To Hecklers


After witnessing this several times on social media, I just had to get this off of my mind by writing about it. Above you will see a quick interaction between a celebrity (celebrated individual) and a fan (a person who likes the fantasy of entertainment)

The short debate between the two was the part that perturbed me, as I didn’t see to be necessary. I’m going to list my reason in the bullet point format.

1. The original comment is passionate but also impractical, as labels and classification is a necessity for organization. Plus the comment is illogical, as the term “stereotypes” is not in relation to the terms “labels and classifications”

Stereotypes are more of a presumptive notion towards a person, which is commonly negative.

Classification is an observed recognition of similarities, it’s not inherently negative or presumptuous.

Labels provide a way to organize and inform. Only recently have the digital dictionaries included the regressive definition of the term being “restrictive or inaccurate” which is also an example of a The Mandela Effect.

2. The person who pointed out the obvious contradiction of the original tweet was met with an insulting and judgmental response. The person (an assumed fan) was called “simple minded” by the celebrity. Just like in school the popular kids felt very validated when they put someone down in front of others.

I say, why? You already live your dream, and have the popularity and the money, so why do you feel the need to put down some one who likes you and follows you just because they saw the hypocrisy in what you said?

3. I’ve always wondered why some of these celebrities, who get many affirming tweets from fans that adore them, will only take time to acknowledge the people who disagree with them, or the people who disparage and lambast them. Then turn around and ignore the people who adore them.
Here is wisdom: The hecklers, and the admirers are driven by the same desire to get attention from you. It’s just that one wants to encourage and please, whereas the other want to agitate and offend you. 

So why lend your attention to the negative people (Hecklers) but ignore the positive (Adorers)

Humble Yourself: An Open Letter

Hello Ms. Hensley

I say a screenshot of your tweet from April and immediately recognized your story from some recent refutations that I’ve read. And I needed to say this to you in hopes of doing right by those with PTSD.

As a small child I was sexually abused by my mother, I remember her having me touch her in ways that made I thought were weird. This was the mid-to-late 80’s so I had to be around five. I lived with her for the first seven years of my life before being placed in a more appropriate environment. She also physically abused me, whipping me for things like becoming ill in class, and giving me alcohol and taking me with her to the “crack house”

I have a memory of drinking one half of a half glass of Malt Liquor, then suddenly waking up on a dirty bed with a headache: I was age 10, I remember because Mortal Kombat II (my favorite) was featured in Electronic Gaming Monthly. She used to hide pornographic magazines under my bed. I didn’t understand why they were all magazines of naked women until later in life.

I remember often watching her putting what I thought were little pieces of peanuts, into a bent beer can with little holes punched in the center. Then she’d be really tired and her eyes looked like she didn’t feel good. I was under the age of six, I know because I had a Pocket Rocker with ‘Psudia’ on one side, and ‘I can feel it coming in the air tonight’ on the other side.

I won’t elaborate on her studying of Witchcraft and those heavy books she used to sit down and have me read with her. I won’t elaborate on her teaching me about “the master”. And I won’t elaborate on her taking my forty dollars that my dad (who passed away this past year) gave me. I watched her spiral down into what people today would call rock bottom. Back then people didn’t teach kids to be so vocal, and they weren’t as informed as they are now.

I’ve been through a lot of trails and tribulations in my life. By the age of thirteen I had become an alcoholic. I thought I was the only one but then I heard one of my crushes, Ms. Barrymore had the same burden in her pubescent years.

I blew out my kidneys at that age, and began what would be an eighteen year tour of Dialysis, multiple Surgeries, an agonizing amount of physical, psychological, and spiritual pain, losing, regaining, and questioning the “faith” that I was given after being put into a different household. 

I have been outcasted, betrayed by the one woman I thought to be like a sister to me, so much so that I called her “Sis” and we were friends for twelve years before she turned on me and began ignoring me after I became suicidal and made an attempt. I was a “cutter” since age eight, I’ve no tattoos but I have more scars than I have books.

I say all of that to say this: I am thankful to The Creator for everything that I just mentioned (and that which I did not mention) because these experiences have humbled me. They torment me, they inform me, but they have also humbled me. My ADHD and my anxiety attacks keep me from ever being bored. When I read your tweets on a screenshot of a Facebook Page, I thought to myself: “PTSD from name calling?”

In school I was overweight and was not only called names, but also groped by black kids (who mocked me the most) and teased often about how fat I was. And although I still think it was bad, and I think it’s fair to say I was bullied to a degree, I would not say that I was given PTSD from it. That is an insult to the people who’ve been tortured, or raped, or stalked.

I take offense to your tweets because it’s unfair to those of us who have suffered. Those of us who have met lucifer through the wickedness of people in this life. Those of us who have been shaped, who have been humbled by suffering in our respective lives. 

I don’t know what you’ve been through, it could’ve been worse than what I have, or not as bad as what I have: but if you haven’t, if you haven’t experienced anything like that and you’re just saying that name calling is traumatic for you, please stop.

I don’t know if you’re doing this for spite, or for a sociological experiment in an effort to see how people will react, weeding out the apathetic, but you are inadvertently disparaging the real PTSD victims in this society. Those who have legit suffered and are reminded of it.
– B.

A Perceptively Distorted Society  

Why do people ignore others whom they previously didn’t ignore? Ignore mean-spirited people is one thing, in fact it is quite an appropriate response. But to ignore people who haven’t disrespected you, who haven’t committed any offenses toward you: is unjust.

Most of my own personal experiences of being abruptly ignored, have come from Females. Coincidently, all of my personal experiences of being told that I was “Offensive” have been from Feminists.

I’ve come to understand that it is not uncommon for some people to take offense when there is none to be given. This comes from the misconception of “Perception is Reality”

“Perception is Reality” is false. The way you personally perceive things may be inaccurate to what the reality of they are. Your personal belief has no bearing on reality, no bearing on truth. This is why I rarely give my personal opinion, instead I give researchable facts.

For example: I once stated that “Joshua Alcorn was a young Male who personally identified himself as Female, and desired to live effeminately.” I never said that this was right or wrong, I never passed judgment on him, or his desire to identify as the opposite sex.

That statement offended many people on Social Media. I was called close-minded, judgmental, transphobic, and hateful.
I lost Facebook friends, had people arguing at me (not with me) all because I stated the facts.

Before stating those words I said that the situation was awful and that I wish the young man had not taken his own life. No offenses were spoken by me, yet many took offense to me referring to the Male as “him, or he”

The reality of that ordeal is that I spoke no ill towards that particular individual, yet others perceived my words to be negative although they were positive. I said that I wish he’d lived to facilitate the change he desired to see in society, he wanted others to accept him living as a female.

Ignoring people seems cowardice. If it’s a person whom you’ve had interaction with, why not just tell them “I do not wish to communicate any further” or “I don’t wanna talk to you”? Why ignore them and leave them thinking “did I do something wrong?” Everything is going well but suddenly the other party is silent.

This goes back to what I was saying about this Generation being Technically advanced, but socially many are recessing (verb)
And I quote: “The more the technology advances, the more communicatively-intertwined they became. Then the more conceded people became”

If you frequently interact Online you may have noticed that most people have become very sensitive. They will Block you for having a different perspective on life than they do. They will Block you for answering a Cynical question which they asked!
An offensive and presumptuous question was asked of me (of which I took offense to) and when I answered the question adding the words “does that count?”

The person who asked took offense, called me a insult, and then Blocked me. We had been communicating cordially for three months: never an argument, never a debate. Coincidently, she was a feminist from out of the country.

I always thought that I was too sensitive, but after interacting on Social Media for a few years I now understand that I am not as sensitive as I thought.