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Perceived Exaltation 

If you frequent social media then you may have seen how some people interact with celebrities. People in the entertainment industry who are famous and popular in the mainstream media. Both male and female celebrities have a wide range of fans: from the causal “Love your work.” types, to the overzealous “Oh my god, you’re my idol!” types. Both can be quite respectable in their interactions and both can make a celebrity’s experience on social media a pleasant and exciting one.

But there is also another spectrum of fandom in society. This one includes fans who’s opinions are more based in their core of heart, be-it admiration or spite. These particular fans, whichever end of the spectrum they’re on, they are either positive or negative purely. From the unconditionally adoring “You’ve inspired me, I’m with you no matter what.” types, to the spitefully aspersing “You suck, and I hope you die.” types.

Both can be quite revealing in their extremes and both can come-off as unexpectedly perturbing, to a degree. But I would say that both are somewhat necessary as the prior example (the adoring type) is the type to stick by you no matter what, and the latter (the disparaging type) keep you cautious and vigilant.

As fans (and admirers) some of us tend to forget that these are still flawed human beings. They have dreams, aspirations, fears, obsessions, habits, beliefs, convictions, phobias (probably not Public Speaking though), and desires. They are educated on somethings, they are uneducated on somethings, they have perspectives and opinions, they make mistakes and sometimes bad choices, they have responsibilities and concerns. They are not perfect (well, one of them is, to me) but their popularity does not make them any-less merited of respect.

Some people get lost in the fantasy of watching this profession, and forget that the individual portraying a character is still a living being and is to be respected as such.

The Deft Ones of Their Craft

As a lifelong (nearly) fan/admirer of the craft that is Professional Wrestling, I have seen many different practitioners perform. Many from the brilliance of their own creative mind, and some with the inspiration of others. Some original, and some eclectic, but usually noticeable in some manner be it positively, or negatively.

As a fan I had to learn my place especially on Social Media, and realize that I needed to address and approach them as their personas. Some fans might use the phrase “playing along” but I am reluctant to out of respect to this being the wrestler’s livelihood (or significant hobby) in fact, the wrestlers I adore are independent and it is most definitely their livelihood, rather than just a “for fun only” hobby. Lord knows I try to keep from overstepping my boundaries, but I’m afraid I slip up every known and then.

But thankfully, I have had the blessed pleasure of interacting with the very mature, very dignified and humble people. People who, despite having “blue checks”, still haven’t let their success go to their heads. They haven’t lost touch with reality, humanity, and their integrity, even the one that gets super-deep into character. She gets so deep into character, satan has to look down at her. But you know what, she is one of the most pleasantly thoughtful people I have ever virtually-met.

She knows how to remain her person and separate that from her professional personal, and that’s one of (if not the) most wonderful attributes about Professional Wrestlers. Of course it’s fun to maintain a character during an unexpected time, I do it quite often myself.
But sometimes you enjoy seeing your favorite being normal. I’ll never forget that picture of Luna Vachon driving a truck. I remember thinking: “God she’s beautiful, and just a normal lady!” That was some years ago, but today I get to see that still.

Let’s take two of my three favorite-favorites for example, one of whom I mentioned previously as getting so deep into character. One of them is frightening, and the other is horrifying. They both give me the feeling that my days are number, and certain death is imminent. But you know what, these are two of the kindest, generous, forgiving, empathetic people.

The third’s persona isn’t really known for intimidation, but when she’s crossed, folks get crucified. She doesn’t have a mean-streak, she has a mean reckoning when she gets good & ready. I won’t name these three, ’cause I’m too young to die, but they know who they are. 🌹 😜 💀

Fanaticism Aspiring Decadence

Some fans only like an individual because they stimulate an angst in them. And some just want attention from an individual who’s more popular than they are. This may be the reason behind some fans who constantly Tweet and Tag popular individuals.

I use the word maybe, because some individuals don’t get to see what is shared with them, so they end up missing it and the fan doesn’t get a reaction, so they send it again.
But then there are the more worrisome Fans who think they are being ignored by said individual, forgetting how cluttered the individual’s Notifications may be. It is important to avoid the sport of Conclusion Jumping. Sometimes we go for the gold.

This is sometimes presumed by Fans because they will see other fans who make multiple tweets daily, receive an acknowledgment of some sort. This can leave the Fan to assume that their share was seen, but not well received.

Then here are those fans who are easily disconcerted and will began disparaging, or heckling, the individual if they are displeased. These are the fans who aren’t truly admiring of the individual, but are instead only amused by a particular aspect of that individual.

Let’s use an example of Gaming: There are Gamers who play multiple types of video games, and then there are people who just play one type of game.

There are Fans who love the individual, even that which they do not know of the individual personally, but then there are some fans who only like the way they look or the persona which they portray. That goes for both Male, and Female fans.

Some guys only watch for the purpose of ogling, and some girls only watch for the purpose of vicariously obsessing over that individual.
Some guys only watch for the purpose of vicariously obsessing over the individual, and some girls only watch for the purpose of ogling the individual. Then some of us just watch it because we love it to life.

This being their choice, it is still a different motive behind their fanaticism and the others who watch with respect, admiration, and reverence. And yes, one type of Fan can be better than another type of fan.

Usually the Fan who truly respects an individual, will not turn on them for any reason. They will not heckle and lambast the individual for making a career change, or some type of persona alteration. Some Fans are more than fanatics, some are also admirers.

Obnoxiously Casting Disparages 

Very disgusted in people yet again.

Tonight is ‘Impact Wrestling’ night, where I gleefully tune into The Pop Network (via PS4’s Vue App) to watch the broadcast in HD.

But tonight (June 14th 2016 AD BR) the network experienced technical difficulties in broadcasting the program. The response from a large portion of the apparent viewers is repulsive, immature, juvenile, and vastly ignorant.

Instead of them being patient and understanding that technology is not immaculate, they decided to heckle the promotion and spout some of the most pointless disparaging & cynical remarks that they could come up with.

And each of them thinks their words are amusing, further affirming the stereotype of male wrestling fans as being dim-witted jock-type knuckleheads (like the kind you find in high school, wearing the varsity jacket)

I know today’s society has become more apathetic (especially when hiding behind a keyboard) but this type of obnoxious behavior only makes them (the individuals) look bad. The lack of integrity is appalling.

An Anarchic Desire

First, let me lay the foundation: One of the wrestlers who I follow on Social Media has wrestled various “Hardcore” typed matches, Weapons, Blood, Expletives, etc.

Recently this individual was in the middle of a match which partially took place within the audience, a crowd of hormonally-charged, possibly inebriated Males. There was video footage of this occurrence, and it looked similar to a Bar Fight (which I’m sure is the idea) among these two professionals.

However, something would happen that was completely inappropriate. A member of the audience threw what looked to be a glass bottle at one of the wrestlers (the one who I follow) appearing to hit his face. The audience began chanting an enticement to physical retaliation, but the wrestler remained profession in keeping his composure and continuing her work.

Hardcore wrestling is nothing new to me. I grew up with ECW, then XPW (before it got nasty) and some Japanese Wrestling tapes. Having been a demented & desensitized child who was raised on Mortal Kombat, and Fist of the North Star I am no stranger to gore.

But as I began to question things I began to lose the allure of it. So the type of atmosphere, as euphoric and disturbing as it is, comes as no shock to me.

What appalls me is the blatant disrespect of audience members who throw objects, spit saliva, or physically assault the professionals. This is unacceptable and I can only assume that there is an infrastructure put into place for the rectification of these violations.

I often wonder if it’s the atmosphere, alcohol, or the just an anarchic desire to disrupt the show.

Heckling is one thing, an immature, pointless, cynical thing. But throwing objects, anything other than a streamer at the wrestler’s entrance, is unacceptable.

Fandom: An Expensive Bill to Pay

I do NOT want to be one of these uber-desperate “fans” I see on “Twitter”. I don’t think that the celebrities, who’s attention I’m vying for, would be too sympathetic towards me. Mainly because of the abrupt cynicism they have to face on a daily basis. Some people get an uncontrollable, immature urge to say something crude, disrespectful or even perverse towards famous personalities.

Especially when they’re “Online”! It seems that when already dim-witted people get behind a keyboard they become enraged, anxious even. They just have to say something vile in an attempt to get a rise out of a popular person. And with no regard for their own appearance, they show just how desperate (for attention) they are by begging you for a “follow” or a “retweet”. Now please understand, I too am a “fan” of the fantasy but I’m also an admirer of the person behind the persona. So I like to treat these people as just that…people!

No one in a position of heightened popularity, likes to be patronized. Let’s take my man Punk, for instance (who recently exited the matrix) he’s constantly begged for “retweets” & “follows” by HIS followers. Maybe they think “desperation breeds flattery” but it does not, and these people (so called celebrities) desire to be treated with dignity & respect. But some fans seem to think that a constant belittling of self, is the best way to show their appreciation.

Popularity usually turns out to be less stellar than imagined. I try to be the type of “Fan” who shows more of the admiration I have for the person behind the character. Unfortunately, some people (including the entertainer) have difficulty differentiating the two. It’s like mauling entertainers at a grocery store, or the mall, or some place where they just wanted to enjoy their time without the strings of familiarity attached.

But again, some “fans” are so selfish, so desperate, so conceded, and feel so self-entitled that they think that YOU owe it to them, to acquiesce to their glutinous-clammer for attention. There needs to be more consideration of our entertainers. More respect, as Otis Redding said.