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Perceived Exaltation 

If you frequent social media then you may have seen how some people interact with celebrities. People in the entertainment industry who are famous and popular in the mainstream media. Both male and female celebrities have a wide range of fans: from the causal “Love your work.” types, to the overzealous “Oh my god, you’re my idol!” types. Both can be quite respectable in their interactions and both can make a celebrity’s experience on social media a pleasant and exciting one.

But there is also another spectrum of fandom in society. This one includes fans who’s opinions are more based in their core of heart, be-it admiration or spite. These particular fans, whichever end of the spectrum they’re on, they are either positive or negative purely. From the unconditionally adoring “You’ve inspired me, I’m with you no matter what.” types, to the spitefully aspersing “You suck, and I hope you die.” types.

Both can be quite revealing in their extremes and both can come-off as unexpectedly perturbing, to a degree. But I would say that both are somewhat necessary as the prior example (the adoring type) is the type to stick by you no matter what, and the latter (the disparaging type) keep you cautious and vigilant.

As fans (and admirers) some of us tend to forget that these are still flawed human beings. They have dreams, aspirations, fears, obsessions, habits, beliefs, convictions, phobias (probably not Public Speaking though), and desires. They are educated on somethings, they are uneducated on somethings, they have perspectives and opinions, they make mistakes and sometimes bad choices, they have responsibilities and concerns. They are not perfect (well, one of them is, to me) but their popularity does not make them any-less merited of respect.

Some people get lost in the fantasy of watching this profession, and forget that the individual portraying a character is still a living being and is to be respected as such.

In The Company of Dignity

Recently, professional wrestler & pod-caster supreme, Mr. Colt Cabana released an episode of his podcast ‘Art of Wrestling’ featuring one of my three favorite people & favorite-favorite wrestlers. I finally got to listen to it, and now I’m going to give my invaluable perspective on it.

I’ve been inspired by this individual (his guest) she has been extremely kind to me and forgiven me when I was a different person. After listening to what she has gone through, the trails and adversity she’s had to face and how she has dealt with it all: I now know why The Creator brought her to my attention nearly five years ago. Let’s just say that we have more in common than I thought. She has this humility and integrity that I don’t see so often, she and the other two who I hope will be interviewed by Mr. C. someday.

To face such ignorance from people that don’t even know her, and so much aspersion from people who’ve never even met her, and still maintain this dignity and maturity that she does: is nothing short of inspiring. She doesn’t know it, but she has inspired me to being more mature & less disagreeable. She’s been a real blessing, as the others have but with her there’s this commonality that exists.

Please check out this episode of ‘Art of Wrestling’ so far it is my favorite since Mr. Punk’s first sit-down. Major props to this lady, this wonderful spirit enclosed in an amazing body (hope that didn’t sound creeptacular) and my endless respect.

Art of Wrestling: Episode 338

The Rising Elite

Although I’ve written about this for a few years already, I’d like to talk about it now. How “women’s wrestling” rekindled my love for professional wrestling. I put quotations on the phrase because I am one who prefers to call it wrestling only. I don’t use the term “diva” either, as wrestler is enough.

These females are equal, some better, and some worse than the male wrestlers. So I don’t use a different term to imply that it’s a different concept. But, I do tend to favor the women more so than the men, but that’s because it has always been my preference to see strong women portrayed. I’ve seen many strong men, so it’s more of a commonality, making strong women more exotic to mainstream.

As a small child I loved wrestling, but I drifted away from it. Ironically during the time a certain video game was released in nineteen-ninety two. I stopped watching, and developed a disdain for it. Keep in mind, I was not aware of independent wrestling at the time. Fast forward about three or four years, and I’m playing a video game entitled ‘WrestleMania’ ironically developed by the same company who made the aforementioned fighting game that accompanied my withdrawal from wrestling.

I became interested and was informed that I could see these characters every Monday night. Flipping through the channels one Monday evening, I came across a blonde-haired woman suplexing a Japanese woman with very tall hair. I became intrigued. For he next six years, I would swear by wrestling but the majority of them would be male. My favorite was The Hitman, whom I saw as “Real” in comparison to the others.

I would faithfully enjoy this thing called wrestling, right up until I began seeing things that I found distasteful and uncomfortable to watch. I sat through necrophilia, sodomy, simulated sexual assault, and even the extraction of a hand from the vaginal cavity of an elderly woman. All of with I personally found to be disgusting, I remained a faithful viewer, ready to defend it at the drop of a hat. But it was the moment I saw The Innovator of Violence eat a handful of his own vomit, that I asked myself: “Why am I watching this?”

Fast forward several years later, and having been away from it but only watching the big pay-per-view matches, I saw a man who captured my attention. He had initials for a first name, and professed himself to be drug free. I began watching again briefly, and was surprised (and relieved in a way) to see a different atmosphere. More focus on wrestling, and less interest in grossing me out. I was pleased, but not as enthusiastic as I once was.
Low and behold, during a very (very) dark time in my life, I went searching for “Chun-Li Cosplays” on YouTube one day. I found a video of 5he character in a wrestling ring, the light ray emerged, and the angelic harmony could be heard. What was this? I had discovered Independent Wrestling.

Watching that Chun-Li match lead me to something called Shine Wrestling, which lead me to something called Shimmer. My life was literally changed, as I now felt even more enthusiastic about professional wrestling than I did years ago. These women were amazing, so athletic, so fast, so skilled, so creative. Their style, their ingenuity, their personas, I was overwhelmed by it all. Three became my favorites in particular. I don’t want to put them on the spot here because two of them are quite scary, and the other is like Sarah Connor.

For almost five years now, I have been watching all of these women whom I’ve dubbed ‘Indy Goddesses’ because they embody the purest sense of independence in their craft. Thanks to these women, my love for this craft of professional wrestling has become absolute. They have shown me an authenticity that up until five years ago, I didn’t know existed. So, I have had the pleasure and privilege of watching independent wrestling (the purest form of wrestling) unfurl and continuously gain recognition.

The Deft Ones of Their Craft

As a lifelong (nearly) fan/admirer of the craft that is Professional Wrestling, I have seen many different practitioners perform. Many from the brilliance of their own creative mind, and some with the inspiration of others. Some original, and some eclectic, but usually noticeable in some manner be it positively, or negatively.

As a fan I had to learn my place especially on Social Media, and realize that I needed to address and approach them as their personas. Some fans might use the phrase “playing along” but I am reluctant to out of respect to this being the wrestler’s livelihood (or significant hobby) in fact, the wrestlers I adore are independent and it is most definitely their livelihood, rather than just a “for fun only” hobby. Lord knows I try to keep from overstepping my boundaries, but I’m afraid I slip up every known and then.

But thankfully, I have had the blessed pleasure of interacting with the very mature, very dignified and humble people. People who, despite having “blue checks”, still haven’t let their success go to their heads. They haven’t lost touch with reality, humanity, and their integrity, even the one that gets super-deep into character. She gets so deep into character, satan has to look down at her. But you know what, she is one of the most pleasantly thoughtful people I have ever virtually-met.

She knows how to remain her person and separate that from her professional personal, and that’s one of (if not the) most wonderful attributes about Professional Wrestlers. Of course it’s fun to maintain a character during an unexpected time, I do it quite often myself.
But sometimes you enjoy seeing your favorite being normal. I’ll never forget that picture of Luna Vachon driving a truck. I remember thinking: “God she’s beautiful, and just a normal lady!” That was some years ago, but today I get to see that still.

Let’s take two of my three favorite-favorites for example, one of whom I mentioned previously as getting so deep into character. One of them is frightening, and the other is horrifying. They both give me the feeling that my days are number, and certain death is imminent. But you know what, these are two of the kindest, generous, forgiving, empathetic people.

The third’s persona isn’t really known for intimidation, but when she’s crossed, folks get crucified. She doesn’t have a mean-streak, she has a mean reckoning when she gets good & ready. I won’t name these three, ’cause I’m too young to die, but they know who they are. 🌹 😜 💀

Raising A Standard

First I must say that my love for women’s wrestling goes back to Ms. Luna Vachon, Alundra Blayze, & Sensation Sherri. I prefer not to imply a differentiation between men wrestling & women wrestling by calling it “Women’s Wrestling”
So as an egalitarian I’d rather just call it “wrestling” because it’s no better or worse than men’s wrestling. For now they have a division in many companies but I’d rather see them incorporated into the main roster of this specific promotion.

Tonight’s wrestling match featuring Sasha, Beck, and Charlotte was my prayers finally being answers for WWE’s female wrestlers. For the longest I’ve yearned for more wrestling and less titillation, and lengthier matches with a duration no less than 15 minutes at a time.

But most of all I wanted the women to be referred to as women, and not “Divas”. The word “woman” is exaltation enough on its own. Tonight’s match delivered all of those prayers. It was intense, unpredictable, and extremely fulfilling to me as a wrestling fan. The only minuscule grievance I had was crowning an already current title holder as 1st Ever Champion.

My proverbial arms aren’t strong enough to take anything away from Charlotte (or her lineage of excellence & flair😉😮) so not to rain on her reign, but it would’ve been nice to see a newly crowned champion, allowing either Becky or Sasha to have a great story to tell. If Charlotte were not already champion then it would’ve been exciting to see anyone of the three crowned 1st Women’s Champion

For the longest I’ve yearned for more wrestling and less titillation, and lengthier matches with a duration no less than 15 minutes at a time. Tonight’s match delivered all of those yearnings: intense, unpredictable, and extremely fulfilling to me as a wrestling fan. The only minuscule grievance I had was crowning an already current title holder as 1st Ever Champion.

It should either have been Becky, or Sasha to have had a great wrestlemania title-winning moment to tell. Superb match, but slightly (very slightly) gipped on the outcome. It did not ruin the match in the least bit, and Charlotte having won by interference from Flair made sense but I think it would’ve been great to see her win it completely on her own.

I say it’s about time we stop parading these women as eye candy, and start putting them out into that ring dressed practically (to wrestle, not to titillate) and let them execute the craft that they love so much.

Violet Spirits

I don’t care how “creepy” this may sound. After experiencing unrelenting abuse, I have learned to be unapologetically expressive to the people I adore, admire, and are inspired-by. They say life is short but for some who are tormented and suffering, it can be quite tedious.

See the group of elite athletes in this picture? Only one (beloved) is missing, but their spirit is quite visible to the initiated eye. I have had the blessed privilege of interacting with some of them over the past four years. And the sheer pleasure of being entertained and even encouraged by them in some health ways.

At the darkest of time, I would not have gone on had it-not been for discovering them four years ago. They all have my respect, and my gratitude. Many of them have been an inspiration. Some of them have my eternal adoration.

These women are the embodiment of egalitarianism. They consistently disprove the presumption that females are inferior to males, and cannot perform on the same level. Long before it became popular these wrestlers were breaking records and inspiring people, regardless of gender, all across the world and with grace, humility, skill, integrity, and dignity.

These are the elite (with absence of one tripartite vessel) of what I have deemed ‘The Pantheon of Indy Goddesses’ because they exude the truest essence of independence.

Some of these wrestlers already know how purely I adore them, so I won’t gush too much right now but I’ll just say “Bless you all, and thank you from my spirit.” 

Magnetically Impulsive Rush Enthusiasm

Tonight is Thursday, July twenty-eighth. Impact Wrestling airs it’s weekly televised two-hour program, and because of a certain individual(s) I am enthusiastically tuned in to witness her brilliance.

Without spoiling this portion of gourmet wrestling, I will attempt to word the following sentences in an extremely careful manner as I explain why I stopped what I was doing, and began writing this blog entry.

One thing that Professional Wrestlers do (and do quite like no others) is tell stories with their physical bodies. They enter the esoteric named “squared circle” and they proceed to captivate onlookers, with an expression of understandable and often relatable expressions through movement.

This company of Impact (TNA) is no exception, as they also provide the same intrigue with their wrestlers. One of the clear strengths of Impact’s programming is their ability to create these cinematic, out-of-ring moments that not only entertain, but accentuate the stories. Tonight just happened to include that certain afore-mentioned individual.

Never ceasing to amaze and inspire me, her five-minute segment with another pivotal character told enough story to fill a feature-length film. And on top of that, there is more to come next week. Hopefully my wording didn’t give anything away just then.


Well done to her, and well done to everyone who galvanized their efforts to make that happen. This is how you captivate an audience, this is how you rise consistently and sufficiently. I await next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, not only for the entire group’s performances, but also for this one story that has me completely anxious.