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Intellectual Appropriation

A Factual Refutation

The term “ghetto” does not connote relation to black people. The term originated in Italy during the seventeenth century, and had nothing to do with skin color.

The term “ghetto” refers to an area segregated and usually impoverished monetarily. So for black people to take offense to the term is almost a way of disparaging oneself.
And braids are not exclusive to blacks.

Nordic men, women, and children have a history of various braids. Also Celtic culture, as well as Greek culture all have a rich history of braiding. This disqualifies it from being logically considered “appropriation”

I’m not sure if it’s self entitlement, arrogance, or just malevolence but people were bullying this woman for wearing braids and I don’t understand what their rationale is. If any at all. For a people that constantly claim to be the strongest spiritually and mentally, they sure do get offended quite easily.

A Differentiating Point of View

Hello Ms. Lahren.
       I’m writing this as a response to a video that I saw of you on YouTube, which was a critique of Ms. Knowles recent performance. First I must confess that I am not a listener to Ms. Knowles, nor am I a viewer of you broadcast work. I prefer Deftones, and CounterCurrentNews for those needs.

I have some refutations to some of your claims in the video so here we go:
1. The inspiration for the Original ‘Black Panthers’ was not violence, or even retaliation. It was a necessity for the protection of Blacks. Back then, most Blacks were mostly non violent but we’re still attacked quite often by some Whites. It was very different from today’s time where the majority of Blacks are victims at the hands of other Blacks.

2. The non-violent approach made popular by Dr. King was great, but not always practical in specific cases. For example: A group of racists are about to beat, then rape a young Black man, and a young White woman which actually happened. In that particular situation, a non-violent approach to self defense would be in effective. So there would’ve armed Black Panthers to aid the young couple.

3. Her husbands past: I don’t know if he sold narcotics because I don’t know him, nor do I listen to his music either. But if it is true, then yes that was a contribution to the detriment of his own people (I assume he didn’t sell it in the suburbs) I don’t agree that that was wrong, but I do say that it would be irrelevant to this day because he’s not currently selling any.

4. I would like to know when she actually suggested or implied an opposition to Law Enforcement. Or is her presumed opposition merely an assertion brought on by an ill-informed conclusion? The rap group ‘NWA’ openly disparaged and disregarded Law Enforcement many years ago. That was clear and blatant, with no confusion to intent. There was a film released recently, which I did not desire to view but I’m almost certain that the song was featured in the film.

5. You must not confuse the current ‘New Black Panther’ party with the original. Today’s “new part” is blatantly racist and are very much in open opposition to Caucasians. But you must understand that today’s new black panthers are vastly different than the original Black Panthers.

The Race to Wisdom

Morgan Freeman: Black History Month

As a lifelong fan and after listening to Mr. Freeman, I wanted to give my perspective on what he said, and the whole idea of this “Black History Month”

First, I have never agreed with the idea of being Color Blind. There are a variety of ethnicities in this world, and this country (albeit stolen) has become a proposed “melting pot” of various ethnicities. Currently, people are shifting their prejudice presumptions toward Muslims and Middle Eastern people, but there was a time when it was primarily Blacks to recieve the amount of bigotry and prejudice openly from particular Whites.

Now we have Blacks being prejudice and bigoted (racist) against whites, presuming those whites to be prejudice just because of their skin color. This is so evident in today’s society, yet we still have misguided people who say “Blacks can’t be racist” and we have blacks and whites who actually think that racism is a myth. Which is also untrue, as well as inaccurate.

I acknowledge the different skin colors of society, but I do not make assumptions or presumptions about a person’s character based on their skin color. I assume a person is decent until their behavior suggests otherwise. That’s how you judge people, with righteousness, not with visuals. This is what Yahshua was talking about when he said “Judge not according to appearence, but with righteous judgement instead.

You definitely have to discuss it in order to rectify the situation. I think it is important to go over history so as to learn from it and progress forward. As a huge fan of Mr. Freeman, I have to say that I agree (to a degree) with his perspective here. Not completely, but to some degree. Do we end racism by no longer acknowledging the contributions from (and oppressions of) Blacks in this country?! No, of course not.

Personally, I figured we could end it (from both sides) with the elimination of prejudice that is based on skin color:
Something that happens all too often (among everyone, especially whites, blacks, and middle eastern people)

I personally don’t think Black history month is necessary, I think that the historical figures should have already been included in the curriculum that is taught in school.
Now that would be a nice change!

We don’t need an exclusive month for a specific ethnicity, we should instead be more inclusive to all the different ethnicities who’ve contributed to this stolen country. Instead of dividing people by race for a particular month as to say “this is our month” we should include everyone then, instead of saying “histtory” we could then say this is our-story.

Teaching the next generation of students about a plethora of different “colors” of men and women who have made an impact on our society, and this world. It would Deprogram the old “that’s how ‘they’ are” from the minds of our black, and our white, and every shade in between. I think we should be more inclusive of all different people (as people) instead of as a specific color.

Black Lives Matter: To Whom It May Concern

I understand what you mean by “Black Lives Matter” but the problem I have with that “movement” is the fact that it only came about, when a White person ended a Black life.

Long before, Mr. Martin and Mr. Brown there were many Black men, women, and children who were victims of violence done by other Blacks. Not to mention the many lives that were ruined by drugs and real thuggery.

I say “real thuggery” because I often hear (and read) conservatives calling any young Black male they see, a “thug”. Which is just their own bigoted-presumptuousness.

Yes, Black lives matter: but the majority of Black lives are not being taken by White people, they’re being taken by other Black people. So efforts need to be focused in the right place.

And stop getting offended when someone say “All lives matter.” because they do! All lives is all enclusive, that means it pertains to every skin tone. Black lives is exclusive, it pertains specifically to Blacks only. It may not’ve been intended that way but it is that way.

If the gangs, the loiterers, the people who protested (and the others who rioted) would all get together and start cleaning up neighborhoods, rebuilding, and renovating Communities then a lot of problems could be fixed.

Double Standards Disease 

If I had a Transcript of Black Comedians, Black Rappers, & the average Black loiterer on any given Corner Store in this country: it would list that term being used 1,000 times more often than Mr. Bollea has ever even thought of using it.

It would be hypocritical for me to condemn Hulk Hogan for using that term, when so many Blacks use it.

And as for that “term of endearment” lie, let’s set that record straight: The term was created out of resentment, bigotry, prejudice, & mockery. To call yourself “reclaiming” it would be ignorant at best. Why would any self-respecting Black man, woman, or child wish to claim such a vile epithet? 

There are words within the bastardized English language that are more suitable to describe your beloved ones. 

You can drink Bleach from a bottle, or a Champagne glass: it has the same affect rather you recognize it or not. You are putting yourself down when you use it. Read the book ‘The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’ by John Coleman to do some research on why many Blacks are willfully degredating Themselves. 

The Wealth of Wisdom

I’ve been called Racist by White folks.

I’ve been called “Coon” by Black folks.

I’ve been called “Nigger” by White folks.

I’ve even been called “Nigga” by Black folks.

I’ve even been called a “cracker-lover” although I won’t disagree, I love TownHouse😋

I’m assuming that I have been called these things (long before Facebook) because I refuse to patronize Blacks, and I refuse to condemn Whites. I don’t pretend all White people have a history of innocence, and I don’t presume all Whites are inherent “Devils” as some people so disgustingly put it.

I am thirty two years of age (plus nine months & thousands of years in-spirit) and I have been blessed with enough discernment & wisdom to know that “Devils” come in all ages, genders, and “colors”.

This is why some feminists call me Misogynist: because I recognize the basic social privileges women have, and I push for egalitarianism to avoid disregarding the greatly-significant yet often-disregarded issues that men face judicially and socially.
Like higher suicide rates, higher murder rates, lesser empathized-with, quicker to be assumed guilty when accused, etc.

I wonder why is it that people always want to pretend that Race doesn’t exist? You mean to tell me that you can’t recognize and respect the diverse Races in this world? You dont have to be colorblind to equally respect the various colors.

So you’ve either got to be bigoted, or just pretend they don’t exist? Those are your only two options? How about this: There are different Races of people in this country, some have differences, but you respect them all equally.

No one is inferior, or superior based on their Race.

No one is intelligent, or ignorant, based on their Race.

No one is presumed to be a “thug”, based on their Race.

And no one is automatically assumed to be Racist, based on their Race.

Race does exist, we should not pretend that it doesn’t. We should just respect each race equally and stop making presumption about a person based on their skin color or ethnicity. Our source (or spirit) is from the same Creator.

Thank you for reading, this has been a blog from a part Native American, part Black, part Puerto Rican, Indigo Child (adult)