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Paying Attention To Hecklers


After witnessing this several times on social media, I just had to get this off of my mind by writing about it. Above you will see a quick interaction between a celebrity (celebrated individual) and a fan (a person who likes the fantasy of entertainment)

The short debate between the two was the part that perturbed me, as I didn’t see to be necessary. I’m going to list my reason in the bullet point format.

1. The original comment is passionate but also impractical, as labels and classification is a necessity for organization. Plus the comment is illogical, as the term “stereotypes” is not in relation to the terms “labels and classifications”

Stereotypes are more of a presumptive notion towards a person, which is commonly negative.

Classification is an observed recognition of similarities, it’s not inherently negative or presumptuous.

Labels provide a way to organize and inform. Only recently have the digital dictionaries included the regressive definition of the term being “restrictive or inaccurate” which is also an example of a The Mandela Effect.

2. The person who pointed out the obvious contradiction of the original tweet was met with an insulting and judgmental response. The person (an assumed fan) was called “simple minded” by the celebrity. Just like in school the popular kids felt very validated when they put someone down in front of others.

I say, why? You already live your dream, and have the popularity and the money, so why do you feel the need to put down some one who likes you and follows you just because they saw the hypocrisy in what you said?

3. I’ve always wondered why some of these celebrities, who get many affirming tweets from fans that adore them, will only take time to acknowledge the people who disagree with them, or the people who disparage and lambast them. Then turn around and ignore the people who adore them.
Here is wisdom: The hecklers, and the admirers are driven by the same desire to get attention from you. It’s just that one wants to encourage and please, whereas the other want to agitate and offend you. 

So why lend your attention to the negative people (Hecklers) but ignore the positive (Adorers)

The New Stoner

Please watch this video.
A Popular Disparager

I find this video cynically disrespectful. This guy is up his high horse looking down at something he knows nothing about.

There are people who cover themselves with Tattoos that were seared into their flesh, and piercings that were punctured through their tongues, nipples, clitoris, eyebrows, etc. But they’re just “expressing individuality”

1. The people who claimed they were self-harmers, and say that you inspired them to change is questionable. Either they were lying about being cutters, or they were doing it as a trend.

2. Some people who cut are homeless, some are terminally ill and suffer on a daily basis. You do not know a person’s circumstances, nor do you know their reasons for harming themselves. So for you to sit atop your high horse and pass such presumptuous judgment on people who’s shoes you do not walk in, is preposterous.

3. There are teenagers who harm themselves for frivolous reasons of uncertainty, but there are also people who have more relevant and more humble reasons for what they do. Who are you or any of the cynics commenting w/disparages to cutters, to judge? There are people in this world who do things that are pointless and strange, and with all the different things that people do I can’t say that it’s fair for you to cast aspersions.

4. I am a person who has cut myself and based on your disparaging remarks towards “cutters” I gather that you’re offended by people like me. Please remember that you do not know what a person’s reason are, if you are not living their life. So you needn’t pass judgment on something you’re not experiencing yourself.

5. I know that cynicism and apathy have become the embracement of society these days, but humility has no room for either of the two. There are people who hurt others and don’t have this much aspersion cast upon them. 

6. People tend to criticize and lambast those whom they disagree with, or those who they do not understand. But it’s not necessary. If you disagree with people who cut themselves, and don’t know why they do: just let them be. You’re not holier than they are.a

7. The “Man” in this video was presumptuous, disparaging, arrogant, mean-spirited, insensitive, insinuative, immature, and judgmental. And in his own pompous way he thought he was being helpful or productive.

It was like a “Body Shamer” thinking he was inspiring people to lose weight by offending the into change. The only thing worse than a mean person is someone who feels their malevolence is justifiable. The worst thing about this guy is that he has Millions of viewers and a Blue Check on his social media accounts. Society loves hate and it loves cynacism.

This guy is a truly negative person who makes videos mocking and disparaging people who are different from himself. What disgusts me the most is how popular people like this are. Cynicism and apathy have definitely become the new drug. I call guys like this video host “stoner” because they are casting stones on others in the form of pompous aspersions.

The Fear of Reproval

I remember this.She blew it way out of proportion by using Airtime to address it. The man contacted her privately and addressed her in a respectful manner. Then she took so much offense to it that she labeled him a “bully” and wasted airtime to scrutinize him.

Read the full message that he sent her, he was not abrasive and he was not mocking her. In fact, he was very mature in his verbiage.
Personally I think it was unnecessary for him to say anything to her about her weight, and it was the boldness of it that struck her the hardest.

She is not obligated to provide an example for anyone. And she’s really not that big anyway, certainly not big enough to be at any “health risks”
I agree that he was out of line to try and place any responsibility on her for setting an example for others, but I disagree with her calling him a “bully” when he wasn’t. He did not cast aspersions on her in that message.

For her to compare being overweight to being Black is foolishness. No one is born overweight. You do work to get overweight, overtime. You make poor choices in your diet, and you eat to satisfy a craving, rather than to nourish the body. That’s a fact.

I empathize with her for feeling offended by his words, but they really weren’t offensive to begin with. What she should’ve done is addressed him privately, telling him that she is her own woman, and it is not her responsibility to be a role model for anyone but her own children, and that her weight, is her business.

If you’re smoking, and I say “Smoking corrodes your lungs. And over time it can lead to heart disease. You should really considered quitting.”
Does that sound like I’m putting you down? None of the man’s remarks were disparaging to her, she only perceived them to be offensive.

And despite what we are told, perception is NOT reality. What we think things are has no bearing on how they actually are.
Real bullying is abrupt and malicious. The intentional effort to hurt or humiliate someone.
He did not intend to hurt her, because he did not cast any aspersions. And he did not intend to humiliate her because what he warned her of (obesity) is a legitimate concern, and he approached her discretely.

It was she who decided to respond to him publicly, possibly in an effort to garner support. Are the hurtful, disrespectful, disparaging words that she spake about him count as “negative”? Or does spite make things acceptable?

As a person who was overweight for nearly 3/4 of my life so far, I know that for some people who are fat it’s not a struggle, it’s just lack of discipline.
I knew my choices were poor.

I knew that my portions were too much.

I knew I needed to get up and move around more.

But I didn’t want to, I wanted what I liked and what I had a craving for. I knew my plates were too full, but in my mind I wanted more than an average amount.

I used to say that it was a “struggle” for me, but in my heart I knew it only took action, will for me to get on the path to losing the pounds. So finally, after years of procrastinating, I said “I’m going to do it.” Then I started losing weight.

And then I went right back to eating whatever. So after getting on track, jumping off track, then getting back on track: I finally got on track and stayed on it.
I began portioning my meals

I began drinking more Spring water

I avoided sugars, greasy foods, and starch.

I began walking more and parking further away.
Most of all, I used a form of psychological alchemy, and changed my thought patterns. No longer thinking of what I’d “like” to have, encouraging the temptation.

You know how people say “I only did because someone said that I couldn’t”? Well I used that same mentality, except I was the one who said “I can’t!”

So I had to defy myself.

Inappropriate, that’s the word I was looking for! It was inappropriate for him to tell her that she’s responsible for the influence of little girls (which she is not) and it was equally as inappropriate for her to respond to him publicly on air, no less.

She claimed that his words had no affect on her, but if that were true then she wouldn’t have called them “hurtful” it’s possible that she may be sensitive about her size, which is the opposite of self esteem.

If your okay with being skinny, or okay with being fat, or okay with being chubby, or okay with being fit: then don’t let messages like that offend you. If you’re not okay with whatever you are, then be honest about it. Stop pretending to be confident if you aren’t actually confident.

If she’s living and breathing and is content with her state of health whatever it may be, then she needn’t place any consideration on the words of others. I won’t patronize her as a victim because he did not attack her verbally.

I remember being called names: that is hurtful. Imagine a someone refusing to go out with you because your heavier than they are: that is hurtful. Someone telling me “You’ve got to take care of yourself.” is not hurtful.

And when I was told that, I did take offense to it but now, after maturing and gaining humility: I see that it was immature of me to take offense where there was none given.

I was younger than she is when this happened, and I didn’t have a society of SJWs patronizers blow smoke for me. I had to develop true self confidence in knowing who I was on the inside. My spirit, my compassion, my humility, and my integrity.

The Vial Is Empty


 There are a lot of oppositional comments from people towards women who wear a lot of Makeup. I can understand why, but it’s still unnecessary to openly oppose these women.

Yes, natural beauty is better, superior even. But not everyone is content with the state of their natural appearance. Should they be? Yes, of course! But the reality is that many are not.

I’m sure there are several women with several different reasons for wearing MakeUp, but whatever the individual’s reason, it is most likely based on the reaction of others. Therein lies the problem.

It would be great if our females were to reach a point where they based their confidence on something less vain than appearance. Basing their confidence on their integrity, their humility, their compassion, their generosity, or ingenuity.
But not everyone is willing to do that, these hecklers (if you will) need to understand that fact.

Some people just feel better knowing that they look appealing, pleasant, vibrant, or “pretty” to the outside world. And that doesn’t make them bad people at all.
So the disparaging remarks being made to the women who do prefer to wear Makeup, is completely unnecessary.

Personally, I would like for the upcoming Generation to become more interested in natural ways of maintaining their skin, so that it looks naturally un blemished: if that is what they so desire.

I think of the beautiful women across the world, who have on no Makeup (some don’t) and no Weave or Hair Extensions, and they are as confident and content as one could be.

One day this society will evolve the psyche (the soul) as much as it has the technologies.
“Hey vanity, this vial is empty. So are you. Hey glamorous, this vial is not God.” – ‘Around the Fur’ by Deftones

1 Peter: 3

So I’m here watching a Documentary on CNN entitled ‘FreshDressed’ and it’s about Hip Hop Fashions from the late 70’s up to the 90’s. For a Race that is infatuated with Jesus, they sure don’t heed his words: “Judge not according to appearance” 

The reason Blacks were so focused on Fashion during that time is because they felt like “The Clothes made The Man” which is a form of prejudging. To make an assessment about someone based on their attire, is shallow and then some. How about less time spent on outward appearance, and more time spent on creativity, humility, and empathy. 

They’re talking about Blacks being so obsessed with shallow appearance that they became Boosters, which are people who steal expensive clothes and sell them cheap. How shallow can people be? This is why we are looked down upon by people who work for what they want. Anyone who would assault, or even kill someone for some popular Sneakers is showing the world how depraved they are.

Homeless people who actually need shoes don’t even do that. What a distortion in prioritization, fashion was so important to people that they stole, and hurt for it. The problem is not that this Documentary is presenting Blacks in a negative light, the problem is Blacks who do these negative actions. 

Don’t be fooled by this documentary. Blacks are not inherently shallow and Fashion was not that important to all of us. 


I have recently discovered that there are members of this society who feel that mockery can be intellectually vilified.

I had no idea that people were so cynical, to say that your teasing of another is justifiable is very distorted and quite revealing as to just how the reverence of one person to another, is diminishing.

Respect means more than “I won’t kill you” it also means “I won’t scoff at you because you’re different”. I thought this generation was Anti-bullying but there are many who misconstrued mockery for Constructive Criticism.

There are those who believe that a juvenile sense of cynicism is the same as “challenging an idea” but that’s completely inaccurate, challenging another person’s ideas do not include teasing them. And as I said to the atheists who made that claim: what need do you have to challenge another person’s beliefs (or “ideas” as you call them) anyway?

If you think that the strong faith that a person holds dear is foolishness or “fairy tales” then it shouldn’t be too big of a concern for you, should it? Mockery, cynicism, scoffing & ridicule are not acceptable. But to some, they are acceptable when directed towards religious people.

I’ve heard it said that “life’s not fair” which is what someone tells you after they’ve been unfair, but I say that it’s not “life” that is unfair…just the people in it.