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Dawning: The Age of Shadow

“The most difficult part of talking about her incomparable work is preserving the fourth wall.” – A Guy Named After Fruit

Once again I wish to write about my favorite person, wrestler, and woman, formerly known as Courtney Rush, once known as PJ Tyler. The immaculate goddess, the daemon assassin: Rose Mary.


1. Professionalism: Through the nearly five years that I’ve watched this wrestler she has maintained an unfathomable level of professionalism, even in the face of unmerited lambasting from cowardly brazen disparagers looking to get a rise out of a celebrity.

Her tongue can be laser-sharp when she gets aggravated, and justly so, but she has this humility in the face of such disrespect which is a testament to her maturity and resilience. For those who work with her and those who can genuinely call her “friend” they must consider themselves blessed.

She meticulously preserves her anonymity, stopping intrusive fans dead in their tracks. Even with fans who aren’t prying, she is still vigilant in maintaining her rightful privacy. People ask her about personal business and she isn’t afraid to firmly and diplomatically straighten them out.

2. Creativity: Over the years we’ve seen many personas embodied by the perfect-face & flawless-body of this world class athlete. Starting with the highly underrated and quite under-appreciated PJ Tyler, a rockstar with style and eclecticism to the max. To the beloved revolutionary “Winner-pegger” Courtney Rush, arguably the greatest characterized professional wrestler that’s ever been created. She was limitless, vivacious, charismatic, and the strongest of all the incarnates.

My heart was broken (again) at the proclamation of her being “dead” by the latest persona, RoseMary. Speaking of the devil’s superior, the current and most esoterically sound characterization is known as RoseMary, a clever reference (presumably) to the storied character that bore the seed of Satan.

This new persona which debuted the twenty-sixth of January of two thousand and sixteen on Impact Wrestling, has been extremely propitious and steadily becoming her most recognizable work to date.

3. Adroitness: I could very well write an entire blog about the “cleverity” of this woman. I use the term deft a lot when describing her ideas, not just because that’s my favorite band but because she is the deftest. One of the deft ones if you will (and I have) of her craft. Her reinvention of herself almost seems dangerous. I remember listening to an interview where she mentioned an advantage to starting her career at a later age than commonly seen, siting an already established maturity level as the advantage.

Each character has had such a rich personality that her fans have loved every single one of them. Personally, I will always love Courtney. But PJ was rad’er than people gave her credit for, and Rose Mary’s just way out there. A bit boxed-in as far as her actual wrestling style but very appealing to the masses.

What I meant by “boxed-in” is something I noticed during a match with Toni Storm at WXW in Germany. In the match I noticed Rose Mary pausing to do the intimidation tactics, and then there’s the mist, and then the snarling at the referee: all super cool stuff, but also somewhat limiting.

Think back to Rush, during her matches she didn’t do those things because they weren’t part of that personality, but she did do more classic wrestling. Just to be clear, this isn’t a complaint about Rose Mary but rather an observation.

Think back to ’91 ‘Taker, how he moved slowly and was really never knocked down to the mat, and never showed emotion during. All that was awesome, but it was limited when you compared it to the ’96 version of ‘Taker (my favorite) especially in that great match with BDC Diesel. And then compare those with this recent ‘Taker, he shows a wider range of motion and maneuverability now.

Rose Mary is still in her infancy, the personality still has much time to be fine-tuned, if her creator sees fit to do so. She’s really darn-near perfect as it is, fleshed-out exquisitely in her social media verbiage and promo videos.

4. Gratefulness: Some celebrities, entertainers, popular people will have this air of haughtiness about them, seeing themselves as far above the fans that idolize them. This is not so, when it comes to this individual. She takes the time (and utilizes the integrity) to acknowledge her fans, and express gratitude for their support and advocacy.

Recently I’ve watched the Smash Wrestling event entitled ‘Something Different’ where she wrestled Penelope Ford. After the match, a pint-sized fan sitting in the front row had what was frankly the absolute sweetest moment I’ve ever seen in this sport.

Fan art, graphics designs, music videos, even tweets of praise and exaltation: nothing is missed. She takes time out of her unimaginably busy schedule to show her appreciation for her fans. That’s kind of rare with such a highly demanded talent as she.

With so many people vying for her attention you would think that she would just give up and ignore everyone, but she selflessly takes the time to respond to her fans.

5. Athleticism: Watching her in-ring performances you can’t help but marvel at her abilities. Once proclaiming herself to be “not graceful at all” she has contradicted that self-assessment with nine years of study-worthy matches, irresistible physical appearances, and ingenious promo material.

Her words, her words are on a different level of brilliance. And this’s coming from me, a guy who’s been writing since she would’ve been in college. Inspirational would be an understatement, she is beyond influential. One day, I will cast her in my written films where she will play the starring role.

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Raising A Standard

First I must say that my love for women’s wrestling goes back to Ms. Luna Vachon, Alundra Blayze, & Sensation Sherri. I prefer not to imply a differentiation between men wrestling & women wrestling by calling it “Women’s Wrestling”
So as an egalitarian I’d rather just call it “wrestling” because it’s no better or worse than men’s wrestling. For now they have a division in many companies but I’d rather see them incorporated into the main roster of this specific promotion.

Tonight’s wrestling match featuring Sasha, Beck, and Charlotte was my prayers finally being answers for WWE’s female wrestlers. For the longest I’ve yearned for more wrestling and less titillation, and lengthier matches with a duration no less than 15 minutes at a time.

But most of all I wanted the women to be referred to as women, and not “Divas”. The word “woman” is exaltation enough on its own. Tonight’s match delivered all of those prayers. It was intense, unpredictable, and extremely fulfilling to me as a wrestling fan. The only minuscule grievance I had was crowning an already current title holder as 1st Ever Champion.

My proverbial arms aren’t strong enough to take anything away from Charlotte (or her lineage of excellence & flair😉😮) so not to rain on her reign, but it would’ve been nice to see a newly crowned champion, allowing either Becky or Sasha to have a great story to tell. If Charlotte were not already champion then it would’ve been exciting to see anyone of the three crowned 1st Women’s Champion

For the longest I’ve yearned for more wrestling and less titillation, and lengthier matches with a duration no less than 15 minutes at a time. Tonight’s match delivered all of those yearnings: intense, unpredictable, and extremely fulfilling to me as a wrestling fan. The only minuscule grievance I had was crowning an already current title holder as 1st Ever Champion.

It should either have been Becky, or Sasha to have had a great wrestlemania title-winning moment to tell. Superb match, but slightly (very slightly) gipped on the outcome. It did not ruin the match in the least bit, and Charlotte having won by interference from Flair made sense but I think it would’ve been great to see her win it completely on her own.

I say it’s about time we stop parading these women as eye candy, and start putting them out into that ring dressed practically (to wrestle, not to titillate) and let them execute the craft that they love so much.

An Anarchic Desire

First, let me lay the foundation: One of the wrestlers who I follow on Social Media has wrestled various “Hardcore” typed matches, Weapons, Blood, Expletives, etc.

Recently this individual was in the middle of a match which partially took place within the audience, a crowd of hormonally-charged, possibly inebriated Males. There was video footage of this occurrence, and it looked similar to a Bar Fight (which I’m sure is the idea) among these two professionals.

However, something would happen that was completely inappropriate. A member of the audience threw what looked to be a glass bottle at one of the wrestlers (the one who I follow) appearing to hit his face. The audience began chanting an enticement to physical retaliation, but the wrestler remained profession in keeping his composure and continuing her work.

Hardcore wrestling is nothing new to me. I grew up with ECW, then XPW (before it got nasty) and some Japanese Wrestling tapes. Having been a demented & desensitized child who was raised on Mortal Kombat, and Fist of the North Star I am no stranger to gore.

But as I began to question things I began to lose the allure of it. So the type of atmosphere, as euphoric and disturbing as it is, comes as no shock to me.

What appalls me is the blatant disrespect of audience members who throw objects, spit saliva, or physically assault the professionals. This is unacceptable and I can only assume that there is an infrastructure put into place for the rectification of these violations.

I often wonder if it’s the atmosphere, alcohol, or the just an anarchic desire to disrupt the show.

Heckling is one thing, an immature, pointless, cynical thing. But throwing objects, anything other than a streamer at the wrestler’s entrance, is unacceptable.

Greatful, Blessed, and Weak.

Been in the Hospital with Stroke, Seizures, near Heart Failure, and nobody on Social Media gave a crap except for an amazing wonderful beautiful and kind woman on Twitter (two, in fact) but the people who I expected to care just didn’t notice I guess. Oh well, I still love them anyway.
After nearly Bleeding to death & rushed to the ER like a movie scene, I have yet another reason to Praise The Creator for his mercy and for Medical Professionals.

A Reinvigoration of the Craft

I grew up watching Televised Professional Wrestling in the late 1980’s. During that time I watched one Promotion in particular. As I became older and a certain Fighting Game was released in 1992, I became disinterested in Professional Wrestling. I would flip through channels on Monday night, see Wrestling, and snarl at the screen in disregard.

Somewhere around late December of 1995 I found myself flipping channels yet again, this time seeing a blonde haired woman wrestling a Japanese woman with a rather large spike in her hair. For some reason I became entranced in these two laying into each other. 

To make this extremely long story short lets just say that I became a Die Hard “No explanation needed” fan for the next 5 years. Falling off and losing interest after seeing The Innovator of Violence eating his own vomit out of a bucket. This forced me to ask myself “why am I watching this?” So I stopped for a good 11 years, this time keeping tabs by watching one specific Pay Per View every year. 

In late 2011 I began watching frequently again, and one day while searching Chun-Li Cosplay on YouTube I came across a Thumbnail photo of The World’s Strongest Woman in a wrestling ring? I was entranced again, this time by a dark haired woman dress in the exact identical attire as my favorite Street, fighter. So I decided to do some extensive independent research (Google) and discovered a group of women & something that would ultimately change my life: Independent Wrestling.

After discovering the super awesome lady dressed as Chun-Li and her Filmography, then coming across another divine woman dressed as my favorite Resident Evil character I found my first introduction in to Indy Wrestling (which I’ve affectionately dubbed Gourmet Wrestling because of the hard work & authenticity which comprises it) and this first introduction was Shine Wrestling. I instantly returned to that feeling I got at 12. 

For the next 3 years I would develop a new respect and a definite admiration for what up until then had been presented as a “Product” but now I see it differently. Now, I see it as a Craft. 

Tonight, after patiently awaiting an Independently Promoted event, I realized something: Independent Wrestling does not have the budget of Major Promotions but the creativity, authenticity, and pure athleticism that Independent Promotions embody: are incomparable. The independent promotions are collectively responsible for renewing my interest in Professional Wrestling, I am certain that I am not the only one.

To each Independent Promotion I’ve watched in these three years, and the Wrestlers I’ve come to respect who frequent them: My absolute respect, admiration, and adoration. Your work is unparalleled. There is no “hats off” Emoji but these words should convey the message.

– B.



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Observative Reverance

As an admirer, respecter, advocate, and fan of Professional Wrestling I have had the blessed privilege of being Followed by my favorites on Social Media.

All of which who happen to be women, so I have been able to observe some of their interactions with other fans. Sometimes some of those so called fans seem to be less respectful, less admiring, and more obscure than I.

I love these people, and I deemed them my favorites specifically after interacting with them and getting to know them, to a degree as they express the portions of their personalities that they desire to be made known. I became quite fond of them and gained more respect, reverence, and admiration over time.

But as a student of human nature I could not resist the studying of their interactions with other fans. My findings where intriguing, interesting, disgusting, and sometimes confusing. For the sake of literary continuity I would like to list some of those observations now, in bullet form:

1. Some guys will constantly tell them how attractive they are.

2. There is a shortage of female fans frequenting their respective Pages.

3. One of my favorites is constantly having to defend herself although she’s a sweetheart.

4. These women are acutely intelligent, yet they’re spoken to in the most rudimentary manner.

5. All of these women are freakishly beautiful, that goes without saying. But if these girls were cats they’d have a phone bill high enough to break the national debt.

6. I seem to be the only one willing to respectfully disagree when necessary. I constantly see fans acquiesce to their every whim.

Although I treat these women as mature intelligent beings who are quite capable of conversing without confrontation, some fans seem to be afraid to do anything other than patronize them.

The stereotype in society is that all women want that, but that is not true. As a person who was raised by women, nurtured by a woman, abused by a different woman, taught by a woman, inspired by a woman, manipulated by a woman, and betrayed by a woman I can tell you that all of them do not inhabit those stereotypes.

I enjoy the interaction I have with these women, and I greatly fear the day when they become too big, too famous to interact with me. When people become celebrities they lose connection with people as a whole.
Unless it’s their personal family and friends, that of which I would love to be to these people, the reality is I am not. So I continue to be different, unique, and hopefully not annoying.

But Cat’s Don’t Use Phones

Oh boy it’s been quite some time since I did this. Very happy to be back in the swing of things.

I’d like to share my perspective on something I’ve noticed on Social Media, and in my daily in-person life as well. I’m a different type of man than the typical stereotype of a “guy” that is perpetuated throughout society. I don’t care for sports, I’m openly emotional, I don’t feel a need to make myself domineering over anyone, and I don’t objectify women, nor do I patronize them.

I hate stripping (not the people but the act) & porn, and I adore video games but not for the purpose of trash talking or winning (I love them for skill & sheer interest) I was raised by women and I respect them (more so than some of them respect themselves unfortunately) and I do not think of sex all day…although that was one of my favorite Korn tunes (and the demo version of ‘Alive’) 

I’ve seen & experienced women at their worst, their lowest, and their most conceded…so I know that they aren’t perfect, and I know that some can be just as messed up as they say I am, as a man.

One thing I do that I consider to be a “gift” from The Creator is the ability to understand someone’s plight, and sympathize as well as empathize with them.
Having this ability has made me an increasingly compassionate individual over the years, and although I am not in favor of feminism, I am in favor of egalitarianism between men, women, boys, and girls…with no racial, national, or economic prejudice. So I can understand what women have had to deal with in our society.

In social Media, I see something that aggravates me quite often. I’m a fan (and admirer) of the craft of Professional Wrestling. I especially favor the Independent promotions, and one thing that I notice constantly is the responses that some of my favorite wrestlers get when they post on their accounts.
Let’s say one of them posts a photo of themselves right after a match, holding a newly-won championship title: guys will reply with words like “nice butt” and I’m like “huh?”…she just won a title after a hard-fought battle, and all you can see is her boonkie?!
And god forbid they should ever show support to some of their Photographer friends by posting a few pictures from a recent photo shoot! Then it’s comments like: “you are so beautiful”

Granted, all the wrestlers I adore (whom I’ve affectionally dubbed “Indy Goddesses”) are extremely attractive, but my goodness, what makes people think that the first & last thing a woman wants to hear is how beautiful or hot she is? Compliment’s are nice but how about her in-ring performance? How about those nifty moves? How about that promo she cut prior to the match, what about all that stuff?

No, you just think her self confidence is based on how attractive she is to you! I’m not going to say this is an “male-based” assumption, because there are many women (especially in entertainment) who objectify themselves and reduce themselves to a pretty face or a hot body but these ladies (real ladies) do not!

I have come to understand that there is a coined phrase to describe this practice. “Cat calling” I think it was. I’m not sure because there are so many new phrases I have no idea what they are supposed to mean but I just know that people pull ’em quicker than the “Race Card” or the “Reverse Race Card” when debating on Social Media.

When I see a new photo from my beloved wrestlers, first thing I notice is how they look like they just got off a 3rd shift at work. And I’d have to believe, or at lease assume, that they would like some feedback on something that is relevant to their particular post or tweet, instead of just hearing how attractive they are.