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The Deft Ones of Their Craft

As a lifelong (nearly) fan/admirer of the craft that is Professional Wrestling, I have seen many different practitioners perform. Many from the brilliance of their own creative mind, and some with the inspiration of others. Some original, and some eclectic, but usually noticeable in some manner be it positively, or negatively.

As a fan I had to learn my place especially on Social Media, and realize that I needed to address and approach them as their personas. Some fans might use the phrase “playing along” but I am reluctant to out of respect to this being the wrestler’s livelihood (or significant hobby) in fact, the wrestlers I adore are independent and it is most definitely their livelihood, rather than just a “for fun only” hobby. Lord knows I try to keep from overstepping my boundaries, but I’m afraid I slip up every known and then.

But thankfully, I have had the blessed pleasure of interacting with the very mature, very dignified and humble people. People who, despite having “blue checks”, still haven’t let their success go to their heads. They haven’t lost touch with reality, humanity, and their integrity, even the one that gets super-deep into character. She gets so deep into character, satan has to look down at her. But you know what, she is one of the most pleasantly thoughtful people I have ever virtually-met.

She knows how to remain her person and separate that from her professional personal, and that’s one of (if not the) most wonderful attributes about Professional Wrestlers. Of course it’s fun to maintain a character during an unexpected time, I do it quite often myself.
But sometimes you enjoy seeing your favorite being normal. I’ll never forget that picture of Luna Vachon driving a truck. I remember thinking: “God she’s beautiful, and just a normal lady!” That was some years ago, but today I get to see that still.

Let’s take two of my three favorite-favorites for example, one of whom I mentioned previously as getting so deep into character. One of them is frightening, and the other is horrifying. They both give me the feeling that my days are number, and certain death is imminent. But you know what, these are two of the kindest, generous, forgiving, empathetic people.

The third’s persona isn’t really known for intimidation, but when she’s crossed, folks get crucified. She doesn’t have a mean-streak, she has a mean reckoning when she gets good & ready. I won’t name these three, ’cause I’m too young to die, but they know who they are. 🌹 😜 💀

Magnetically Impulsive Rush Enthusiasm

Tonight is Thursday, July twenty-eighth. Impact Wrestling airs it’s weekly televised two-hour program, and because of a certain individual(s) I am enthusiastically tuned in to witness her brilliance.

Without spoiling this portion of gourmet wrestling, I will attempt to word the following sentences in an extremely careful manner as I explain why I stopped what I was doing, and began writing this blog entry.

One thing that Professional Wrestlers do (and do quite like no others) is tell stories with their physical bodies. They enter the esoteric named “squared circle” and they proceed to captivate onlookers, with an expression of understandable and often relatable expressions through movement.

This company of Impact (TNA) is no exception, as they also provide the same intrigue with their wrestlers. One of the clear strengths of Impact’s programming is their ability to create these cinematic, out-of-ring moments that not only entertain, but accentuate the stories. Tonight just happened to include that certain afore-mentioned individual.

Never ceasing to amaze and inspire me, her five-minute segment with another pivotal character told enough story to fill a feature-length film. And on top of that, there is more to come next week. Hopefully my wording didn’t give anything away just then.


Well done to her, and well done to everyone who galvanized their efforts to make that happen. This is how you captivate an audience, this is how you rise consistently and sufficiently. I await next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, not only for the entire group’s performances, but also for this one story that has me completely anxious.

Tuesday Affirms Unfathomably Neurotic Theatrics

Since I started watching Impact Wrestling again earlier this year, my Tuesdays are now filled with joy and contentment.

One of my favorite-favorites (who hails from the Northern Realm) began showcasing her skillful talents earlier this year. Transitioning her appeal from a Daemon, to a quasi-sadist with a malevolent tone about her. It was this which brought me back in through the Impact door and now that I’m here watching again, what I’m seeing is not only entertaining me, but also intriguing me.


Everyone at Impact is presenting themselves in a way that individually stands out among themselves. This is a good thing, mainly because it gives the viewers (the perspective from which I speak, or type rather) a plethora of personas to gravitate towards, grow to resent, cringe at, or become envious of. It’s not bland, they’re atmosphere is anything but bland. From the wrestler’s attire, to the lighting  and the color schemes, everyone has something unique, fresh, and new for spectators.


Recently, the company presented a Pay-Per-View event entitled ‘Slammiversary’, a play on words to mingle the term “slam” with “anniversary”. The event played out with such professionalism, given the disconcerting circumstances of the nearby time and location. The matches were exciting, the performances were inspiring, and the level of enthusiasm from the audience only showed televised viewers what it means to be crowd pleasing.


I have become a faithful viewer of this company’s programing. And although it was the presence of one particular athlete who drew me back to it, it is the sheer purity of the entire company’s energy that brought about this literary commendation.


So I congratulate IMPACT Wrestling for being the very first weekly televised wrestling promotion to receive my coveted ‘Gourmet Wrestling’ accolade. Something I reserved for Independent Promotions, calling it “Gourmet” because it’s made with authenticity and organic ingredients.


In my Tuesday nights I obsessively watch wrestling in an unstable manner, and I am thankful to have a weekly opportunity to do so.

Obnoxiously Casting Disparages 

Very disgusted in people yet again.

Tonight is ‘Impact Wrestling’ night, where I gleefully tune into The Pop Network (via PS4’s Vue App) to watch the broadcast in HD.

But tonight (June 14th 2016 AD BR) the network experienced technical difficulties in broadcasting the program. The response from a large portion of the apparent viewers is repulsive, immature, juvenile, and vastly ignorant.

Instead of them being patient and understanding that technology is not immaculate, they decided to heckle the promotion and spout some of the most pointless disparaging & cynical remarks that they could come up with.

And each of them thinks their words are amusing, further affirming the stereotype of male wrestling fans as being dim-witted jock-type knuckleheads (like the kind you find in high school, wearing the varsity jacket)

I know today’s society has become more apathetic (especially when hiding behind a keyboard) but this type of obnoxious behavior only makes them (the individuals) look bad. The lack of integrity is appalling.

Decomposition of Mediocrity 

There is nothing like a good solid team in Professional Wrestling. From the Hart Foundation, to the Lucha Family. From Valkyrie, to the NWO. And from Degeneration X, to the inspiration for this blog: Decay.

What drew me to Decay was one of my favorite wrestlers (Courtney Rush) and her debut on a major televised promotion. For a little over a month now, I have watched her work with Crazy Steve and Abyss to form a unique, somewhat nostalgic union (nostalgic for us Millennials) called Decay.

After watching there creativity in the ring, their most impressive moments come from their promos. Speaking in a quasi-shakespearean manner and backed by a grounded Marilyn Manson theme, these three operate as one with a chemistry that is literally unlike anything you have ever seen in or out of this craft.

From their mannerisms, to the trembling of their hands, you often forget that you’re watching a televised sporting event and begin to see it as a glimpse into a tormented mind of some sort.

Thankfully the three are involved in a promotion where they are allowed to push the proverbial envelope, and present an uncanny tone, a unique image, and a mature yet intriguing ambiance. Something that us older fans can appreciate, and the younger fans can be drawn to.

Check your local listings and tune into the ‘Pop’ network on Tuesday nights to witness this unrelenting expression of authenticity.