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Old Man of Sorrows

The following is my review of the 2017 film ‘Logan’ and does contain spoilers.

Firstly, this film is exceptionally performed as an action and suspense piece. The visuals, although subtle at times will hit you later on after viewing the scenes. The action was played out in a manner that is pleasing to both comic enthusiasts, as well as fans of the previous X-men based films who may not be familiar with the comic roots.

Secondly, the level of violence in the film has been highly sought-after since the first cinematic portrayal of “Wolverine”. It wasn’t gratuitous, and although the film is based in science fiction the gore was quite realistic as well as gratifying. Tasteful brutality.


Thirdly, accuracy to the source material is something that I personally look for in a comic book adaptation. This film was close enough as far as individual traits of the protagonist, and the mini-protagonist/agitator if you will. If you’re familiar with the comic version of Wolverine then you know that all the man wants is peace but just when he has finally found it, it is snatched away through the mayhem that follows him. A true “man of sorrows” if ever there had been one. This film captured that (without elaborating on it though) but really could’ve stretched a few more films out with it.

Fourthly, the pace of the film is excellent in my opinion. I’m sure some editors would assume that comic book readers want a quick, fast-paced romp of a film with cheap visuals and one-liners to amuse a juvenile angst within them. But that couldn’t be further from the truth of many of us who were anticipating this film. The pace is perfect in this film, not rushing itself but taking its time to knead the dough and get all that air out. By the end, after you take it out of the oven, you’ve got a very well-made and scrumptious Marvel bakery classic.

Fifthly, and really my only major complaint of the film was the use of expletives as filler words. The only well-place use of “Fudge Usually Coats Kit-kats” was an argument scene. The rest were kind of just cursing for the sake of filling a rating. And don’t get me started on the completely unnecessary “nipple shot”. To be honest, I would’ve preferred a flashback of Weapon X naked Logan, or some gruesome castration scene to help earn that rating.

Sixthly, the film’s story which borrowed from different comic story arcs (without giving away too much) was not as predictable as it may’ve seemed. To avoid any ultra-spoilers I’ll just leave it at that.

For me as a lifelong Marvel comic reader, I loved the film. It was the wolverine movie that I’ve always wanted to see, and simultaneously the film I was afraid of ever having to see. If that makes sense. 9.5/10

The Deep End of a Deadpool

First I must confess that I am sanctified and well versed in the gospel of Marvel. I grew up reading comics and since the earliest I can remember, I have not gone an entire year without reading some comic from some publisher. So I was very much anticipant of this film, patiently awaiting it with high hopes.

Tonight, after a year of eager impetuousness I finally got to watch. And I was only disappointed with one thing regarding the film, the length. Personally, I don’t mind a lengthy comic-based film at all. In fact, I would prefer a two hour plus film when it comes to these beloved characters. This film was roughly around ninety minutes, my only minuscule disappointment. 

Now on to the favorable aspects of the film:

1. Brilliant humor: The jokes were sharp and the delivery was skillful.

2. Exciting action: The main reason some kids should definitely be taken to see it, top notch action.

3. Close and 3/4 a cigar source material accuracy: The writers were true enough to the source material, and the actors and filmmakers understood the character and tone of the comics. They got it right.

4. Visual satisfactory: I had a dream a few weeks ago, and in it I went to see the film and Wade was hacking and slashing limbs with his Katanas. This was a time warped vision, because that’s exactly what was storyboarded. In fact, it could’ve been a bit more gore. Like Blade one style.

As a fan of the character, I highly recommend this film. 9/10 (Minus one point only for duration)